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ed out. Dawson explains the Boston film competition to Jen, but before he can get all worked up and start running his hands through his hair, Grams comes to the rescue with her signature "Jennifah!" Jen sighs in exasperation and goes to the window, and she looks out one window at Grams on the neighboring porch while Joey leans way over to one side so that Jen doesn’t see her. Jen says she has to go -- she doesn’t want Grams "to erupt" -- and Dawson says, "See you at school." She leaves the front way, and Dawson leans back with a satisfied I’m-the-man smile. Joey waits for the sound of the door closing before climbing the rest of the ladder to Dawson’s room. As she enters, Dawson greets her with, "Joey, hey, where you been? Come on, sit down. Watch this." He rewinds and plays a tape of Gail’s newscast, then asks Joey if she thinks Gail -- whose hair looks even more absurd in this shot -- is having an affair with her co-anchor. Joey, dumbfounded: "Where did that come from?" Dawson plays it again and says, "Something about her ‘b’s -- they’re too soft." Joey blows this off as "reaching" and refers to The Flash as "the perfect male specimen." Yikes. Dawson won’t drop it, and Joey tells him he’s "just looking for conflict -- everything’s a potential script to you. Accept your perfect life, Dawson. It’s reality." Dawson keeps rewinding and replaying Gail saying "back to you, Bob" with her ridiculous Best-Of-Breed hair as we fade, mercifully, to commercial, but first I would like to add that Joey looked quite pretty in this scene, shot back in the day when the hairdressers remembered to blow-dry Katie Holmes’s hair out straight.

The only scary thing about H2O is the fact that it got made in the first place.

Jen, walking past her grandfather’s room on her way out the door to school, pauses in the doorway to look at his moribund form. Then she approaches his bed shyly and sits beside him, whispering, "Morning, Granddad," as she puts down her backpack. Granddad doesn’t open his eyes or respond, and I do wonder why, if his aorta really did collapse, his doctors let him go home from the hospital. Jen pulls aside the flap of his pajama top and looks at his surgery scar (creepy), and then she kind of brushes her fingers across the scar (way creepy), and just then Grams materializes and sternly asks Jen what she’s doing, and Jen says she was just saying good morning, and Grams tells her her breakfast is ready, and Jen says softly, "I’m glad I’m here, Grams," and Grams purses her lips and tells Jen to hurry up, she shouldn’t get to school late on the first day, and bustles back to the kitchen in her Depression-era smock.

Kitchen. Grams scrambling eggs; Jen saying she doesn’t usually eat breakfast and only needs "a coffee fix" in the mornings. Grams shouting, "Am I running a hotel here?" Oops, my mistake, Grams drily promising to "remember that in the future." Jen asking about Dawson. Grams observing, "That boy is trouble." Jen wisecracking, "Aren’t they all?" Sars muttering, "Good point." Jen asking about Joey and getting more or less the same response as Grams complains that Joey climbs in and out of Dawson’s window all the time and that neither Dawson nor Joey "goes to church," and refers to them as "the wrong element." Jen and Grams tussling over whether Jen should say grace, with Grams in favor and Jen strongly opposed. Grams asking why. Jen climbing onto her overly rigid and pretentious atheism soapbox. Grams staring at her in frank horror.

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