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Extremely jarring jump cut to the exterior of Capeside High, accompanied by the omnipresent "Tubthumping," and kids pouring off of yellow buses and throwing Frisbees and greeting each other after the summer vacation. Inside, a great deal of milling about. Jen stands at her locker, and Little Miss Overstatement, a.k.a. Nellie, marches up to her and chirps, "Hi, I’m Nellie Olsen," and she and Jen have a bit of non-funny banter about Little House On The Prairie, and I don’t see why the writers went to such lengths with this character and her non-amusing, non-ironic name and her inappropriate-for-daytime hairstyle and clothing when she promptly vanished from the show, but anyway, Nellie rattles on about welcoming Jen to town from New York, asks after Jen’s grandfather, and then without so much as a segue babbles, "[Your Granddad]’s still on the prayer list at church. You party?" Jen, confused: "What?" Nellie: "Par. Tee." Jen, still confused: "Party as in I like to have a good time, or party as in drink and use drugs?" Nellie, skeptical: "It’s subjective." Jen: "I like to have a good time. Substance-free." Oddly, I don’t remember Jen’s straight-edge period, perhaps because the writers have already forgotten she had one. Nellie sneers, "Maybe we should call you Nellie. See ya," and if this made sense, Jen might have felt insulted, but it didn’t, so she doesn’t and just rolls her eyes as Nellie walks away, and right then a lovestruck Dawson bounds up to Jen and asks how it’s going, and Jen admits that she could use a cigarette, and Dawson says all concerned and judgmental, "You smoke?" and Jen reassures him that she quit, she’s "just a little tense." Dawson makes a condescending comment about the first-day jitters. The two of them compare schedules. Dawson escorts Jen to biology class. Cue "Tubthumping" again.

In a classroom, Pacey balances a book on his head. Enter TaMAHra, and Pacey looks shocked and takes the book off his head and says, "TaMAHra!" and she asks him to call her Miss Jacobs during school hours. A way-too-long shot of Pacey flagrantly ogling TaMAHra follows.

In yet another classroom, Jen wanders in looking for a seat. Joey, already sitting down, spots her and quickly slumps down and looks away, but it doesn’t work -- Jen takes a seat next to her and says, "Hey, hi. I was hoping we’d have a class together." Joey, having none of it, smiles tightly and says, "Here we are." Jen looks mildly dismayed at Joey’s utterly unwelcoming reaction.

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