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Interracial House Of Pancakes. Bodie reading Bon Appetit, Bessie painting a birdhouse (yes, a birdhouse, and no, I have no idea), Joey barreling out the front door. Bessie grabbing Joey on the way by, and Joey in a hurry, and Bessie telling Joey, "Your attitude’s got to go." Bessie putting lipstick on Joey and dispensing advice on its reapplication. Joey smiling grudgingly. Short but fairly sweet sisterly moment. Joey taking off for boat.

The Gang Of Four, walking down the street at sunset. Dawson asks if Jen will stay for the whole school year and she says it depends on her grandfather and what her parents say. Jen again attempts to reach out to Joey by admiring her lipstick and asking, "What shade is that?" but once again she gets shot down by Joey’s catty response: "I love your hair color -- what number is that?" Dawson, embarrassed, says, "You’ll have to excuse Joey, she was born in a barn." Joey glares at him and asks Jen if she’s a virgin, and Dawson tries to break in but Joey keeps going, divulging that Dawson is still a virgin, "and two virgins really make for a clumsy first encounter, don’t you think?" Dawson threatens Joey with death, and she innocently says she just wanted to help, "you know, cut to the chase?" Jen says it’s okay, and says she is a virgin (no comment); she asks Joey if she is a virgin too, to which Joey responds, "Oh, please, years ago, trucker named Bubba." At this point, Dawson yanks Joey aside: "What is up with you?" Joey gives him a "what are you going to do about it" look and feigns innocence as they arrive at the Rialto.

As they all file into the theater -- Pacey followed by Joey, then Jen, then Dawson -- Pacey spots TaMAHra taking a seat a few rows ahead of theirs and excuses himself. The lights go down. Joey glances over at Jen and Dawson and rolls her eyes. Dawson sneaks a look at Jen, then down at her hand, then wipes his palm on his khakis, then his hand freezes above Jen’s, with Joey transfixed by this entire process. At last, Dawson grabs Jen’s hand, and when Joey sees this, she sits bolt upright and asks, "So, Jen -- you a size queen?" How many fifteen-year-olds know the term "size queen"? Jen blinks and says, "Excuse me?" as Joey rephrases the question and Dawson reproves her, "Joey!" Jen says that, as a virgin, she hasn’t given it much thought, and sarcastically asks how Joey feels about penis size, and Dawson reaches across Jen and grabs Joey’s arm, snapping, "You and me, outside, now!" Dawson pulls her out of the row of seats by the hand while muttering, "I am going to kill you!" Joey says over her shoulder to Jen, "Did you notice the long fingers?" and Jen stares as both of them like they’re crazy.

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Dawson's Creek




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