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Previously on Dawson's Desktop -- er, I mean, "Creek": Tobey teased Jack about his homoactivism, and Jack called himself "a Tobey activist"; Dawson needled Gretchen about applying for a job in Boston, and she told him she had to get on with her own life; Jen confronted her father about boinking the babysitter; Gretchen told Joey that Pacey got arrested for public drunkenness, and that Doug interceded, and that Pacey's "in a lot of pain." I hope you caught those last six words, because if you don't read the Desktop, that's the sum total of the lead-up we get for tonight's main plot.

Fade up on the PB&B. "Payback's A" Joey Potter stands in front of the mirror in a purple Delia's-esque prom dress; behind her, Bessie "Duena" Potter makes adjustments and tells her sister through a mouthful of pins that she looks "wadiant." From the bed where he's lounging, Pacey "Chuck Knoblauch" Witter translates that to "radiant," and agrees with Bessie's assessment, but Joey says she doesn't look radiant, she looks "silly." Yeah, nice try, but it's a little too late to fall back on the tomboy thing when you haven't mentioned it in, like, two years, "writers." ["Seriously. That's only the fortieth strappy dress I've seen her in. This year." -- Wing Chun] Pacey seconds that emotion by saying he won't dignify that with a response. Joey snarks about the prom: "I mean, what are we, like, in high school?" Pacey says patiently that yes, in fact, they are. Joey refers to her not-so-hot "track record" at proms, calling last year's anti-prom a "debacle," and if she thinks attending it sucked, she should try recapping it some time. Bessie says through the pins that the script calls for her to leave the room so that Joey and Pacey can have an awkward moment together; Pacey translates that she has to go pick up Alexander, and Bessie tells Pacey to "finish" with the dress and bustles off. "Okay," Pacey says, taking the pins and approaching Joey reluctantly. Joey asks flirtatiously if he likes the dress. He believes he already used the word "radiant." Joey, cuddling up close, burbles that she figures the dress "isn't really the part that guys care about" -- it's after the prom, when the dress comes off, and she tries to punctuate that (very good, by the way) point by going in for a smooch, but Pacey parries by saying that, speaking of that, he needs her to pick up the prom tickets. Joey frowns and turns around so that Pacey can futz around with the dress; she thought he planned to pick up the tickets. He can't; his "poor academic standing has put [him] on the 'do not sell to' list." Ouch. Joey asks if he's got the limo under control; he says he does, and reminds her that he's "gonna take care of everything." Joey offers that he doesn't have to take care of everything, that she can help with the "preparations," but Pacey says gently that he wants to: "I wanna make this perfect for you." Joey turns back around, smiling, and murmurs that he doesn't have to make it perfect, and she goes in for another kiss -- again, no go. Pacey says that it's "sweet of [her] to say," but he'd like to try, and turns her back around to mess with the dress some more. Do you get it? No? Okay, see, she's all schmoopy, but he's -- oh, you do get it. Okay, good. Wait, what's that? What do you mean, "where did it come from"? Well, how would I know? I don't read the Desktop. Okay, okay, here's where it's coming from. Paul Stupin rummaged around in his ass and pulled it out. Okay? That's all I've got.

Anyhow. Joey, perturbed, turns back around, and Pacey makes "gotta get going" noises, and Joey takes his hand over her shoulder as he tells her reflection in the mirror that he loves her, and that she deserves "the most amazing senior prom that anyone has ever had," and he's going to give it to her, "so from here on out, smooth sailing, I promise." She nods, half-smiling. Pacey reaches for the zipper. Quick cut away so that we'll find the exaggerated "rrrrrrriiiipp!" on the soundtrack amusing. Pacey and Joey both stare down at the damage he's just done. Pacey: "Damn." Pacey, ladies and germs. Nine-thirty show is not the same as the seven-thirty…oh, forget it.

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