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On a side deck, Jen is doing her drunk Titanic schtick, and Drue notes that she's drunk. Good catch, Drue. Drue gives her his tux jacket; he thinks she's "had enough of that," and suggests that she hand over the bottle. Jen does so, feigning contrition, and then fishes another bottle out of her purse. Gee, didn't see that coming. Not. Drue laughs, but tells her that if she's not more careful about her "public intoxication," she'll get caught. Jen snorts that he wants her to get caught, that he lives "for other people's misery," and she slithers up onto the railing. "Not yours," Drue murmurs, holding a hand out in case she falls. He draws closer to her: "Jen, seriously, what's the matter?" Jen slurs, "Drue, seriously, you don't care." Drue shakes it off: "Pretend I do. Why don't you tell me." Drue looks kind of cute in this scene, although his hair is doing a weird Richard Grieco thing that I don't like. Jen tells him she went to visit her dad a few weeks back; Drue frowns sympathetically. Jen wobbles that she wishes that she could "just jump in [the water] and disappear. That'd feel good," and she leans towards the water with her eyes closed; Drue thinks it's not "the best idea," and he tries to pull her down from the railing, but she tells him to go to hell. He tries again, and she snarls, "Back off," then starts giggling and says, "Gotcha," and Drue's all, "Yeah. Ha ha. Not."

Joey wanders the prom with a pinched face, searching the crowd for Pacey. At a table, Gretchen and Dawson chat, but Dawson's eyes follow Joey. Gretchen sees this and suggests that he go over to Joey. Dawson says they should both go, but Gretchen bites her lip and says she needs some fresh air. They smooch. Gretchen leaves. Dawson walks over and asks Joey, "Where's Pacey?" Joey doesn't know. Does she want to talk about it? No, she doesn't think so. Oh, and the whole mini-mart condom incident? She doesn't want to talk about that either. Heh. That's fine with Dawson. Joey thinks for a moment, then starts to ask, "How long have you guys been --" but Dawson hastily admits that they haven't, like, inappropriate! Subject change! Please! Thank you! Dawson goes on that they might that night, "for the first time." Change! The! Subject! Not appropriate! No such luck. Joey asks, "Are you in love with her?" Oh, Jesus. Dawson, after a short pause, says that he just knows it "feels right." Joey nods wistfully, then says more cheerfully that, if he's about to pass this milestone, she's glad it's with Gretchen. "If not you," Dawson chuckles -- yep, he just had to get that dig in -- and Joey starts to splutter something, but he tells her, "Don't worry, that wasn't a question," and they both laugh. Dawson sighs and kicks it promo-style: "You know, I think for the longest time I was just waiting to find somebody I loved as much as I loved you." But he realizes now that it's "not gonna happen," because Joey's his first love. Joey smiles at him and says that she doesn't think she'll ever love anyone the way she loved Dawson, either, "and that's a good and a bad thing." For the record, although the promos made this exchange seem like yet another ooky Joey-and-Dawson-can't-get-over-each-other moment, I think they both acknowledged here that it's a first love and they can't replicate that with anyone else. So I actually don't have a problem with it, because I think they both tell each other that they've moved on. Aaaaanyway, Dawson asks, "You wanna dance?" and Joey says emphatically, "It's our senior prom," and off they go.

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