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Breaking the waves

Elsewhere, Joey scuttles along the deck, a hand over her mouth; Dawson is a couple of steps behind, and he unbuttons his jacket and drapes it over her as she cries silently. After a moment, she wails that Pacey just said all that "in front of a room full of people," and it's not true: "It's not who I am." Dawson knows. Joey doesn't understand how he could do that. She slumps onto Dawson's shoulder. Dawson comforts her.

Drue tells Jen that she's "become a lightweight," and he'll have to get her back to New York and "toughen [her] up again." Jen sniffles that she doesn't want to go back to New York; she hates New York, and she's changed, and although she's pushed herself to go back to New York and face things, she doesn't really want to. She asks if Drue thinks she's "weak," but Drue says he thinks we should never go back when we can go forward, and in that respect she's strong. Then he teases her that she should "look into Boston," it's an "up-and-coming town," and he's going to be there, et cetera. "Strike one for Boston," Jen snuffles, and shoots Drue a look of thanks; he ducks away from it. Aw.

The Full Moon Of Ominously Unsubtle Portent. Tobey's in the stern, sulking. ["Funny, I thought he liked it in the stern. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!" -- Wing Chun] He's taken his bow tie off. Yum. We get a niiiice loooong lingering shot of Tobey as Jack comes through a door in the background, then wanders into the shot and asks what Tobey's doing. He's "contemplating swimming for shore." Jack says he doesn't blame Tobey for that, and apologizes for "earlier -- what [he] said. Or didn't say." Tobey, interest piqued, turns to look at Jack. Kerr Smith, knowing that he's going to have to kiss David Monahan, has a look of genuine dread on his face during the entire speech and totally fails to sell it, but anyway, Jack says he's having "so much more than platonic" feelings for Tobey, it took him by surprise, he's afraid, he's homophobic -- oops, I mean, "at first he felt put off by Tobey's outness," but tonight he really looked at Tobey, and he's funny and handsome and nice and out, and now it's something he admires most about Tobey, and he's not afraid anymore. Nice try, Kerr. Anyway, Tobey starts giving Jack The Look as Jack says that he's "so not afraid anymore," and Jack leans in, and they kiss for five-and-a-half seconds. Well, Tobey kisses; Jack just stands there like a dead fish and doesn't move his mouth at all. But hey, I'll take it. Anyway, they smile at each other, and Jack stammers, "How 'bout that dance?" Not shown: Kerr Smith diving off of Das Promboot, swimming to shore, racing sopping-wet into the nearest drugstore, and downing an entire bottle of Listerine while screaming, "EWWW, COOTIES!"

Dawson comes down to find Gretchen brooding at the sea some more. She asks how Joey's doing; Dawson says, "Not so good," and apologizes for bolting before. Gretchen says he doesn't need to explain. After a pause so the make-up lady can squirt more glycerin on her cheeks, Gretchen adds that "it doesn't matter anyway," because she knows what she has to do. Dawson frowns warily. Gretchen has to get on with her life -- go back to college, get her shit sorted -- and this is not her place, "not here. And not with [Dawson]." Dawson starts to get it as Gretchen goes on that he's "still chasing after Joey, literally and metaphorically," and Dawson interrupts to point out that Gretchen told him "to go to" Joey and that he thought she understood about their friendship, but Gretchen isn't hearing it. She does understand, but watching him follow Joey "just made everything more clear." Dawson rolls his eyes. Gretchen tells him that he and Joey have a lot to resolve, and as much as he thinks he's "beyond the drama of high school, and the prom…you're part of it." That's as it should be, she says, because he's a senior in high school -- but she's not. Dawson protests that that doesn't mean it "has to be over," that he's not ready for that. Gretchen says it's "an impossible situation," and Dawson flails that he's "good at impossible situations -- just look at the way my neck holds up this giant head, defying the very laws of physics!" Okay, not so much that last part. Gretchen says that she's not, and she's sorry; she kisses him one last time and walks away, and Dawson watches her go and then looks out over the water all "what just happened there?"

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