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Breaking the waves

The limo. Jen is passed out on Drue's chest. Jack waves the fifty bucks at Drue, but Drue shakes his head no. Jack makes "sure?" face; Drue shakes his head again. Tobey's all "guh?" Gretchen stares out the window, not unhappily. Focus push to Dawson shooting her a look that could kill, then turning to stare miserably at his hands. Pan around Dawson, then another focus push to Pacey, staring glumly at nothing and looking angry and despairing at the same time. The Piano Of Broken Dreams plays its sad melody. In the front seat, the driver asks, "You kids wanna go to that after-party?" Focus pull to Joey sitting beside him, her face a dry mask of desolation; she snaps out of it and slowly shakes her head. We fade out on her face as she folds her lips and breathes quickly, trying not to cry anymore.

Next week: more break-up angst as the gang prepares to graduate.

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