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Cut to Jen and Gretchen "Chillin' With A Forty" Witter in a dress shop, standing glumly in front of the changing-room mirror. Jen's got a frilly yellow something on; Gretchen looks very nice in a sparkly deep-blue one-shoulder number. Gretchen asks how she looks; as Joey looks on approvingly, Jen tells Gretchen that she looks "perfect," while she herself looks like "a big, stupid freak." Well, strapless isn't her look, but it's not that bad. Joey and Gretchen encourage her, and when Joey comes up with "luminous," Jen changes her assessment of herself to "a big luminous freak." Snick.

Tuxedo fitting room. Jack tells Dawson "He's Little In The Middle But He's Got Much Forehead" Leery that he's going to look great. Get glasses, Jack. There's back-and-forth about corsages and the limo, and we establish that Pacey's got it covered. Foreshadowing comes out of the bathroom, tracking watery footprints behind him, to tell me that I've run out of shampoo.

Back to the dress shop, where Gretchen is saying that she's the freak, not Jen: "My senior prom was last century." She adds that it's kind of depressing when she thinks about it. Yeah -- welcome to my life, hon. Joey makes "don't be depressed" noises, and Gretchen tries to sell herself on the idea by saying that she's not really depressed; she's up for the Boston job, and she's looking forward to the prom as a "fun trip down memory lane, on the arm of a guy I'm totally into." Mmm hmm. "Fun." Good try, Gretchen. "What's there to be depressed about?" she asks. Have you got a week? Joey shrugs all "exactly."

Tuxes 'R' Us. Jack, wrestling with a bow tie, needles Dawson on whether he and Gretchen will "fulfill the longstanding teenage tradition of after-prom sex." Jack? Please. We don't want to know. Dawson -- whose hair looks as though the hair lady squeezed it out of a tube and scraped it down along his head using a putty knife, i.e. "like shit" -- knots a satin cravat and declines to answer. Jack laughs like "you dawg!" Okay, usually these two have good, funny scenes together, but that one didn't work.

Happily, it ends quickly and we cut back to the dress shop. Jen has a nice strappy sienna-colored shift on; Joey stands behind her, fiddling with Jen's hair, and asks how she's doing, because ever since they got back from NYC, Jen seems a little…Jen interrupts, "Horribly messed-up?" "Sad," Joey corrects her. Jen appraises herself in the mirror and admits with false cheer that she's sad, and horribly messed-up as well, and scared of the future and "haunted by the past," but other than that she feels "really good about things," and she's almost crying but the end of that little litany, but she smiles all embarrassed and waves a hand all "don't worry about me." Michelle Williams does a nice job here.

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