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Cut to the PB&B, where Pacey and Joey hang out on her bed; Pacey's reading, and Joey's pretending to leaf through a magazine while shooting Pacey worried looks. Finally, she decides to make her move, announcing out of nowhere that the two of them have the PB&B to themselves -- no Bessie, no Bodie, no guests, no nada -- and she thinks they should take advantage of that. She's rewarded with an absent "mm hmm" from Pacey, but, undeterred, she moves in to kiss him; before she can get too close to his lips, though, Pacey asks if she's "thirsty." No, she's not. He tries to kiss on her on the cheek all dismissively, but she's not having it, sing-songing, "Try again," and attempting to canoodle with him. Pacey asks if she knows what he could go for right now, and Joey grins expectantly at him, only to hear: "A turkey sandwich. On rye bread. Want one?" Joey makes a tight-lipped face of barely disguised disappointment and says no thanks. Pacey shrugs brightly, "Okay," hops off the bed saying he'll "be right back," and heads for the kitchen. Joey stares sulkily after him.

Jen answers the phone at the Ryan Home. Jack's on the other end: "Hel-loooo there." She immediately starts defending herself for lying to Tobey, and tells Jack he "can't be mad" because he "completely orchestrated" her relationship with Henry, not to mention filling out her college applications. Jack says mildly that he's not mad. Jen, confused: "You're not?" Jack comments acidly that he's not; he's a bit surprised, mind you, that he "emphatically stated" that he didn't want to go to the prom with Tobey, only to have Tobey phone him and say that Jen told him everything and yes, he'd love to go to the prom with Jack. Yes, he got "slightly peeved." But then he remembered that Jen said she'd go to the prom anyway, regardless of whether Jack went with Tobey. Jen's like, "Yeah. So?" Jack makes her "promise and solemnly swear, no matter what." Jen's suspicious, but she swears, then asks Jack what he's talking about. Jack, looking at his wristwatch, says he's not talking about anything, but "why get mad, when you can get even?" Right on cue, the Ryan Home doorbell rings; Jen furrows her brow and opens the front door, and of course there's Drue "Richie" Valentine, announcing that Jack told him everything and yes, he'd love to go to the prom with Jen. Jen looks ill and shuts the door in his face as The Guitar Of Levity plays us into the commercial.

You know, these Gatorade ads would work a lot better if they didn't make the sweat different colors. Like, we get it. Really.

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