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Kerr Smith, approaching the set of Tobey's house with great trepidation, because now he's going on a date with a guy on the show, so people will think he's a big old que -- oh, excuse me, I mean, "Jack, approaching the House of Tobey with great trepidation, because he really likes Tobey deep down, so he's all nervous." Jack stands at the front door, biting his lip, heaves about ten sighs, and knocks, but before he even finishes knocking, Tobey whips open the front door and -- wow. I mean, wow. Tobey's all tuxed out and hair gelled to the side and no glasses and smiling with about a hundred teeth and Tom Frost can find another wife right now because -- damn. Boy is fine, people. Jack just stares at him all, "Damn. Boy is fine." Tobey breezily says hi and tells Jack he looks good, and says they should get going because his parents aren't "too keen on this whole 'prom date with a boy' thing," and Kerr Smith laughs nervously all, "Gee, ME NEITHER" -- I mean, "Jack laughs nervously." Tobey goes on that you'd think Kerr would have "loosened up and gotten a clue by now" -- I mean, that his parents would have. Sorry, I keep doing that. Jack laughs nervously again and fixes Tobey with a flummoxed stare, and I hate Kerr Smith right now, but he's doing a pretty good job with the whole speechless-at-Tobey's-hotness thing. And I can relate. Tobey cocks an eyebrow: "You all right?" Jack gulps and nods. "Because -- we can't leave unless you stop blocking the door." Aw. Cute and funny, too. Jack finally unroots himself from the spot, Tobey closes the door behind him, and off they go, but not before we get a long shot of Jack checking Tobey out from behind.

Jen crosses the Infancy Inn's lawn wearing a strapless black number with a pink lining and a weird Sex & The City-vintage flower at the cleavage. Michelle Williams has a cute figure, but this isn't the right look for her. The hair is good, though -- sort of a Veronica Lake 'do pinned up on one side. Everyone greets her, compliments all around, Drue compliments her while giving her The Eye, and Jen looks sick again and excuses herself to go greet Tobey and Jack. Drue calls after her, "You're adorable when you're angry."

Jen stomps up to the boys and bitches at Jack. Jack cats back at her, then tells her not to "come crying to" him; she should have thought of the consequences before she shoved him into the arms of Tobey. Jen doesn't think the punishment fits the crime. Jack disagrees. Jen comments that her revenge on Jack's revenge "is imminent. So there." Heh. Tobey: "What're you guys talking about?" Jen and Jack, too quickly: "Nothing." Jack then assures Jen that she can hang out with him and Tobey for the night: "We'll help you avoid him." Good, Jen says, because she really plans on having fun tonight. Good, so does Jack. Good. Good. Jen excuses herself again. Tobey looks at Jack all "the hell?" and Jack makes a hilarious "duhhh I dunno" face, and they head for the patio.

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