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Props to prufrock, Emgrrl, Niccolo, sTARBABY, Fox1013, Kisle, bstewart, and Sars.

I'm hoping this tape won't make a critical comment on the quality of the show by essentially committing suicide, as happened to me last time. I know you probably think that it's easier to just listen to the show without having to watch it, but for the purpose of doing a recap, it actually isn't. No, trust me.

Okay, according to Pacey we've found ourselves in the middle of the WB's Week of Weeks (or, if you prefer, the Week of Freaks (tm Kisle), which means that "some will fulfill their own desires" (we're given to believe this will be Dawson and Joey), "one will balance on the edge of sanity" (telegraphed by Andie's dyeing her hair greasy brown). Just for me, the producers show the scene of La Filmette eviscerating Dawson's movie one more time, which still succeeds in drawing girlish giggles from me. Blah blah blah fishcakes, and we open in the Sanctum Dawsonorum, where the entire gang is gathered on and around Dawson's bed watching a movie. Dawson "Ape Nuts" Leery calls for a "movie break" and, after fetching himself refreshment of some sort, he comments on the absurdity of the fact that all six of them are in the same room together at the same time. Jack " ¡Solamente Yack!" McPhee agrees that it's notable, considering the way they all started out the school year, that they've "actually all managed to come out [no comment] as friends." Andie "Kiss Me Goodbye" McPhee adds, "Like St. Elmo's." "St. Elmo's from hell," Joey "Lowered Expectations" Potter corrects her. "That would be a negative spin," Dawson remarks. Joey says, "I just think it's important in times of maudlin reflection to incorporate a little honesty." Jen "Foundling" Lindley agrees with Joey: "I mean, sure, we've all grown to tolerate each other, but I still think that we're a long shot off [sic] from 90210-land of best friends forever." Pacey "Superman" Witter agrees with Andie that there has been a lot of hanging out lately. Jack says, "Like when?" Pacey says, "Like right now, for instance" and refrains from adding, "Duh." He tells the group that they've come together out of a need to "cohabitate [sic] in, dare I say it, a clique." This elicits expressions of disgust from Jen, Joey, and Andie, and then Dawson says he invited Pacey to hang out, and then he invited Andie, who in turn invited Jack. Joey says, "I better not need an invitation," and Jen says, "And I live here now," as if she had just realized it herself. Pacey says, "Let's face it, guys; we are thisfar away from the Peach Pit." The rest of the assemblage stares at him in stony silence for a moment, and then a not-at-all hackneyed and not-too-long pillow fight ensues. Except for the "not" part.

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