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In my brief but torrid (florid? horrid?) career here at MBTV, I've been fortunate enough to recap some truly seminal work. Dune is a masterpiece of sci-fi literature, and I hear tell that this whole Bible thing has managed to pick up a few fans over the years as well. But nothing I've seen yet can equal the immense pop-cultural influence of Scream -- a movie that succeeded in reinvigorating not one, but two film genres, and did so where so many others had failed (namely: Freddy, Jason, Porky, and John Hughes). So let's take a moment to celebrate a movie that's brought us more pale imitations of past success than anyone but Dubya. Ask, and ye shall receive. No credits on this one, just a smash cut into a ringing phone, and we're off. Current Angel and former Gertie Drew Barrymore moves in to answer. Surprisingly, the caller doesn't ask to speak to Elliot. This may be because it's a wrong number, as Drew says, or also maybe because Williamson was able to control himself (for just once in his life) and skip the Spielberg reference. The phone rings again, and Drew answers with a groan. This time, the "scary" voice wants to chat. In case you were curious, the voice is that of one Robert J. Jackson, who can also be heard on The Powerpuff Girls, and in several well-known video games. Anyway, they banter a bit while Drew makes popcorn, and somehow get onto the subject of horror films. Drew reports that her favorite scary movie is Halloween. The "making of" documentary on the DVD reports that Halloween is Williamson's favorite as well. Incidentally, Wes Craven's favorite is Alien, and Neve's is The Shining, so I'm not sure what went wrong here. Then Drew makes a too-cute in-jokey reference to Nightmare on Elm Street (directed by Scream director Wes Craven), and I remember exactly what went wrong. More movie meta-chat as we follow Drew into the living room. She pops a tape into the VCR, but doesn't hit play, so the screen shows that bright blue color instead. The caller asks Drew her name. "Why do you want to know?" she asks. "I want to know who I'm looking at," he replies, and Drew suddenly realizes that this one isn't going to work out like most star cameos. She checks outside, locks the doors, and then hangs up. Of course, the phone rings again. I don't know about you, but this is where I stop answering. Drew, on the other hand, picks it up twice more before the caller finally gets her undivided attention by requesting to see "what [her] insides look like." I don't know about you, but this is where I call the cops, and maybe go buy a gun while I'm at it. Drew, on the other hand, keeps answering the phone. This time she tries the old "my boyfriend will kick your ass" line, only to be burned when the caller points out that the boyfriend is bound and gagged out by the pool.

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