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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

We return to find Dawson sulking in a stairwell that leads to the parking garage. Andrew comes down and is surprised to see Dawson still hanging around. Dawson's there to beg Andrew for another chance. He tells Andrew that he knows that they might look like a bad risk, but they're really a good bet: "I want this like I've never wanted anything. This has been the hardest year of my life, and I've screwed a lot of things up, but I'm not gonna screw this up." After confirming that Dawson is merely nineteen, Andrew asks, "And life really feels this desperate?" Dawson responds, "Life is desperate. Life is chances that you never get back." And that's why Dawson isn't going to leave until Andrew gives him another chance. So Andrew calls security and has Dawson escorted from the building. Oh wait, that's what should happen. Instead, Andrew says, "You're not faking it are you? The desperation? The torment? It's good stuff, that teenage crap. It's the one thing you can't fake as you get older." And in the most amusing accidental meta-joke I've seen in some time, the camera cuts back to Dawson, where James Van Der Beek has absolutely no expression on his face. There's no sign of any desperation, or torment, or passion of any type. Nothing. He's making a mental note to get his car washed on the way home from the studio later. Andrew caves to the power of Dawson's "it," dammit, and tells him to send him his next project while he makes some calls and "put[s] some feelers" out to see if anybody is interested in his current film. Andrew says he doesn't make any promises, but they shake on it, and Dawson now has representation. I stick my tongue into an electric socket to keep myself awake.

Night passes. Back at the dorms, Joey and Audrey are awakened in the morning to the sound of somebody singing "I Want You to Want Me" while playing a guitar. They stumble over to their window and open it up to find Charlie, of course, serenading them from the sidewalk outside. Then other students start screaming out their windows for him to shut the hell up, and then campus security escorts him away. No, again, that's what should happen. Audrey asks if Charlie could be any cuter. Joey points out that he could be more in tune, as if she didn't send the concept of "being in tune" scurrying to the bathroom to put in earplugs every time she opened her mouth in song. Audrey points out that it's like As Good As it Gets where Jack Nicholson said that Helen Hunt "makes [him] want to be a better man." I find that amusing because months ago I mentioned to somebody or other that if Katie Holmes wasn't careful, she was going to end up with Helen Hunt's career. Joey snarks that we'd be better off if Charlie wanted to become a better guitar player. Audrey calls Joey the "Queen of Negativity." Excuse me? We're the queens of negativity around here. Even the guys. Especially the guys.

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