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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Credits. "I don't want to wait! For this show to be over! I want to know right now if I can sleep!" Enjoy those images of Michelle and Kerr; that's the only place you'll be seeing them tonight.

When we return from commercials, Pacey and Audrey are arriving at Civilization, bickering about whether or not a memo the two of them had received indicating that the restaurant had been sold and Chef Danny had left was true. Pacey is certain it's not true because he's sure Danny would have told him something before they left for Spring Break. You know, there are better ways to handle exposition than to have Pacey act like an absolute idiot. They got a memo explaining this. It's not like Audrey consulted a Ouija Board for details or read it in her horoscope. Audrey teases Pacey about his "boy crush" over Danny, while Pacey denies vehemently that Danny would just leave and won't consider that the new owners would fire him. Audrey further exposits that the memo explains that the restaurant was purchased by some business conglomerate who wants to turn it into a chain. Incidentally, there doesn't appear to be anybody there besides them. Audrey finds another memo on a counter explaining that there's a staff meeting this afternoon with the new manager. The absolute excitement of a subplot over changes in corporate management has made me totally forget that whole boring unresolved storyline from last episode where Jack got drunk, nearly killed himself, and told Dawson that he's screwed up his life. Who wants to see any of that when we can have a plot about what it's like to work at Applebee's?

Worthington College for Saints in Training. Charlie comes running up to Joey just as she's leaving some building, prompting Joey to ask him if he doesn't have classes at his own university. More banter ensues about how long Charlie was waiting for Joey to come out of class. We get it. Charlie's whipped. Joey has tamed the wild Charlie with the power of her "it." Charlie has some good news for Joey. As they walk across the courtyard, he asks her if she's ever heard of a band called "Lust to Love." They're a tribute band for The Go-Gos. Joey asks incredulously, "There are people who want to relive The Go-Gos?" Oh, excuse me, Mrs. Rick Springfield, but we do not talk smack about The Go-Gos. Also, your hair looks like ass. Also, why are you wearing your bathrobe outdoors? Also, your singing sucks. Also, shut up. Charlie tepidly defends The Go-Gos, then explains that his band is teaming up with Lust to Love for a ten-city "tour." Yeah, whatever. Two shitty college cover bands have managed to put together a tour without even being signed by a label. I had a friend in an actual band that plays original music and has managed to produce three CDs and get signed to a small label, and they still haven't managed to arrange anything resembling a tour. So whatever. Charlie tosses out some generic music terminology that the writer saw while skimming an issue of Alternative Press. Joey congratulates him and asks him if the tour is this summer. Nope. It starts next Monday. After Joey points out that it's the middle of the semester, Charlie explains that he'll take some incompletes and make things up next year, "unless [they] hit it big." Joey politely waits for the universe to stop laughing at Charlie before telling him that it sounds like he's got everything figured out.

But wait, there's more! Charlie wants Joey to come with him and be his private groupie. Wow, it turns out Jack was right when he called Charlie a "dumb guy with a dream" at the beginning of the season. Joey points out that going to college at Worthington is her dream, and she's enjoying herself here, and is he on crack or what? Charlie asks if she's saying that he shouldn't go. A slightly confused Joey say that she's saying only that she shouldn't go. Charlie goes on to explain that this "thing between them" has just gotten started and it took "forever" for Joey to consider him. It took, what, two episodes? If he had seen Joey's previous romances, he'd count his blessings. Charlie concludes that he doesn't want what they have to end just yet. It's a ten-city tour, not a tour of duty. It shouldn't take any longer than three weeks. Joey points out that he's not leaving right now, smiles, and drags him off, telling him, "It's not over yet."

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