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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

In the attic of the Ryan Home for Invisible Supporting Characters, Dawson gathers some paperwork together while Pander sits in a chair. They've rescheduled their meeting with the agent in New York, which they had blown off to go meet with Joey down in Florida during Spring Break. They discuss how they should handle the meeting and what they should say to the agent. Pander suggests that he do most of the talking rather than Dawson. Dawson asks why. Pander explains that Dawson is too boring and technical. Pander thinks -- in defiance of all evidence to the contrary -- that he's the people person of the team, claiming that he "shines" in meetings. Or at least, the practice meetings he has with family members. Dawson looks vaguely horrified. Pander tells him to stop worrying so much about the meeting. Dawson exposits that they've shopped the movie around to sixty agents, and this guy is the only one who responded. Pander blathers on and on about how talented they are. I stick my feet into boiling water to stay awake. He continues to blather that the key is presentation. Dawson warily asks him what he means. Pander's brilliant idea is for the two of them to show up at the office wearing matching suits, just like Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. God, Pander's such a moron. See, the writers have figured out another way to make Dawson seem likeable and talented without having everybody around him constantly tell him how likeable and talented he is. They gave him this obnoxious howler monkey of a sidekick to make Dawson seem thoughtful and considerate by comparison. It's almost working, too. That's the scary part. Dawson vetoes Pander's ridiculous plan.

Back in Joey and Audrey's insanely huge dorm room, Audrey is incredulous that Charlie asked Joey to drop everything to go on tour with him. Audrey's further amused that Charlie would give up his lothario ways just for Joey. Audrey doesn't quite understand the "it." Joey explains that Charlie is currently downstairs buying them refreshments from the vending machines; he wants to spend as much time with Joey as he can before he has to leave. It's a ten-city tour. Ten. Cities. He hasn't joined 'N Sync. He's not crisscrossing the country. It's ten cities. Audrey doesn't see what the big deal is. She thinks it's romantic. Joey whines that their relationship has skipped several steps (like, you know, relations) and is freaked out at the possibility that Charlie might decide to ditch the tour just to spend time with her. Audrey doesn't think that's likely and tells Joey that she's overreacting, and if she isn't, the worst that will happen is that she'll hurt Charlie's feelings. Audrey heads out to meet Pacey to go to Civilization together for the meeting with the new boss. She runs into Charlie on the way out, holding bags of snacks and some generic sodas.

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