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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

We return after a commercial break to the dinner rush at Civilization. Alex wanders around doing management things, and walks into the kitchen to complain to Pacey that three tables are waiting for their food. That doesn't sound like much of a crisis to me. Pacey moves her out of the way of the kitchen traffic to ask her what she needs. Alex wants to know how many lobsters they served this evening because she thinks they're ordering too many. Well, lobsters keep, don't they? The whole thing about lobsters is that you keep them alive until you cook them, right? Pacey admits that they do order too many, but Danny had arranged some sort of special deal with their vendor. Alex doesn't want Pacey clinging to Danny's old habits and brings up the whole "changes" issue again. Pacey tries to use that as an opportunity to bring up Audrey's firing. After explaining which one Audrey was to refresh Alex's memory, Pacey lies that Audrey is a great waitress. Alex asks if Pacey has some sort of special interest in Audrey, and he admits the two of them are dating. Just then, Contrivance runs through the kitchen and knocks Alex into Pacey's arms as he passes by. I bet you guys always wondered what he looked like. Anyway, Alex smirks and shifts her eyes and all but gives out a Homer Simpson drool sound at the prospect of being so close to Pacey's manly loins. They separate after a second, and Alex goes back into business mode, telling Pacey that now is not the time to talk about Audrey and to come see her later.

Back in New York, Dawson and Pander are walking through a parking garage. Dawson asks Pander if he even understands how much of an idiot he was in the meeting. Pander is willing to allow that he got "a little carried away." Dawson yells at Pander for trying to make them look more experienced and in demand than they are. Pander claims that he was just trying to keep the conversation going. By interrupting the conversation they were having? Shut up, nitwit. Dawson points out that Pander made an idiot of himself by criticizing the movie Andrew helped put together. Pander obliviously promises the "full Hollywood brownnose treatment" next time. Dawson points out, as they reach his Jeep, that Andrew is never going to meet with them again. Pander blathers on and on about how this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are all these other agents out there that will see them for the cinematic geniuses that they are. Dawson points out that none of the other agents will even return their calls. Pander goes on and on about how great they are, and that their next movie will be even better, and that they're a team, like the Coen brothers or the Hughes brothers. These two aren't even good enough to be Wayans brothers.

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