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The Too-Long Goodbye

Previously on The Bane Of Sars's Existence: Jen weepily told Drue that she doesn't want to go to New York, and Drue told her that not going wouldn't make her weak; Gretchen pink-slipped Dawson; Pacey wigged on Joey and told her that his relationship with her makes him feel like he's nothing, and she told him to go to hell; Sars's stomach petitioned the court for status as an emancipated organ.

Fade up on the caf, where Jen "Manhattan Transfer" Lindley is pressing Jack "Queer In The Headlights" McPhee for details about Tobey so that she can continue living vicariously through him. She uses the words "juicy" and "morsel," which Jack objects to: "It cheapens me." Um…nah, no comment. Yet. Jen asks if Jack and Tobey have plans to go out again, and Jack says that they do. "And?" "And that's all you're getting." Jen reminds him that she got them together in the first place, so he owes her details. Jack continues to -- okay, I would say "stonewall" here, but it just doesn't work, for obvious reasons. Jen tells him not to make her beg, because she will if she has to, and at that moment "And Baby Makes" Drue Valentine sits down with his shiny silver coffee thermos and tells Jen that begging is a "good look for" her. Jen says not unkindly that apparently she's off her game, because usually she can "smell [Drue] coming a mile away," and Drue, also not unkindly, tells her to make nice or he won't give them their yearbooks, and he produces said tomes with a flourish. Awfully big yearbook for such a small school, "set designers." Anyway, Jack and Jen pounce on them, but Jen smells a rat, so Drue asks how many prom-drowning rescues he has to perform before Jen accepts "the new [him.]" "Maybe one, or…two," she twinkles; Jack looks back and forth between them, smirking. Drue suggests that they turn to page 53 and bow their heads in a moment of silence. Shot of the class couple photo of Pacey and Joey. Heartbroken, Ironic Piano. Jen wonders if they've seen it yet. "I wonder if they're talking yet," Jack adds. Drue doesn't think anyone besides Jack and Jen "cares" about the Pacey-Joey drama, but Jack and Jen ignore him; Jen says that the two of them haven't said "so much as a 'hello' since the prom debacle" as far as she knows, and Jack observes that "the same goes for Dawson and Gretchen." Jen says she's confused by the Dawson-Gretchen bust-up, since she thought sure that one would last, but Jack blathers on about how "long-distance relationships can be tough" and makes believe that Dawson's really going to Los Angeles next year and if anyone gets back together his money's on Joey and Pacey blah blah blah fishcakes. Drue rolls his eyes and says he's heard enough talk; it's time to take some action. He pulls out a twenty and rustles it invitingly. Jack and Jen half-laugh as Drue asks which couple "will live to suck face another day," and Jen says with mock gravity that "it's disgusting" to bet on that, and Jack says with his patented Serious Face Denoting Upcoming Hilarity that "it's really inappropriate, Drue." Beat. Jack: "Jen, spot me two bucks." Hee! The cash comes out, and Jen throws Jack a twenty and tells him to "take it all the way, baby," and as a cat gets fitted with a novelty pet mortarboard, Dawson "Goin' Back To Cali -- Yo, Man, I Don't Think So" Leery and Joey "Without Cause" Potter come up to the table and say "what's up." Van Der Beek has a new 'do going -- shorter in the back and closer to his natural color -- and while it's still kind of bad and has way too much gel and a part that's all wrong for his face, it's a huge improvement. Go Team Hair. Anyway, Jack, Jen, and Drue guiltily slam their yearbooks closed, and Jack covers by asking if they've eaten yet. Jen shows them a photo: "Cute, huh?" Dawson and Joey, oblivious to the neon sign flashing "OBVIOUS DISTRACTION RUSE" above the table, lean in to check out the picture, and we go to credits.

Scenes of Capeside, punctuated by the sultry stylings of the ovary du jour, before we come to rest in the Sanctum Dawsonorum, where Dawson is working at his state-of-the-art computer with its expensively giant monitor. Gale "Fighting Weight" Leery knocks and comes in: "Busy?" Dawson throws the Ford Exposition into overdrive, telling her that he's editing the Brooks thing to send it to USC; if he wants to get into the summer program out there, he has to send the film out the next day. Gale gets to the point, asking if he's "talked to Gretchen yet." "Yet"? She dumped him. There's no "yet" here. Dawson says more or less the same thing -- "there's not really much to talk about" -- but Gale keeps at him, asking if he's okay with the way he and Gretchen left things. He's "not doing cartwheels," he shrugs, but "what do you expect?" He adds that he's sure they'll eventually "find a way to restore" their friendship. Gale points out that it's hard to restore a friendship "when you're not speaking," and Dawson says mildly that it's his friendship, so he'll handle it. Ordinarily, I'd bitch about Dawson giving his mom tone here, but he's not as smug as usual, and besides, my brother has blocked our mother's end runs with "Ma -- you're on a need-to-know basis" a hundred times, so I'll leave it alone. Gale, unconvinced, nods and takes her cue to leave, but she's walking so slowly that you just know she's got something else to say. Sure enough, she turns around all conflicted and frowny to say, "Gretchen's leaving town." Dawson, irritated: "When? How do you know?" Duh, Dawson; she's Gretchen's boss. Read the script. Gale says that Gretchen gave notice a couple of days before: "Today's her last day at the restaurant." Dawson, miffed, guesses Gretchen's leaving "soon, then," and Gale thought he'd want to know, in case he wanted to say goodbye. Dawson sulks that Gretchen didn't tell him herself that she's leaving, so obviously she didn't want him to know, and I actually see where he's coming from, but Gale tells him that he doesn't know what Gretchen's thinking; she adds too-innocently that he could "go over there and find out." Dawson snorts dismissively, but Gale suggests that he bring Gretchen his yearbook to sign: "It's a good way to start a conversation." Not a bad point, but still -- step back, Gale. Dawson snorts again all "you've gotta be kidding me" and says that he appreciates what Gale's trying to do, but calls the idea "painfully lame" and adds that it's "such a thinly-veiled attempt at reconciliation" that he's not even sure "there's a veil there." Heh. Gale rolls her eyes and says that maybe he can think of something better, then, but if Dawson wants to keep Gretchen in his life, he'll have to talk to her, and he'll have to "do it soon." Gale leaves. Dawson sighs and stares absently at his yearbook.

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