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The Too-Long Goodbye

Dawson's in an oversized armchair with Lily in the crook of his elbow. He actually looks sort of jaunty; it's hard to describe, but I guess Van Der Beek is good with babies, because he's got the remote in one hand and the baby in the other, and he's just…I don't know…jaunty. Oh, shut up -- it's the twenty-first episode and I've got nothing here. Gretchen knocks gently on the doorjamb, and Dawson greets her in a don't-wake-the-baby whisper, asking if she's done packing. Chit-chat about making your own boxes. Chit-chat about the sleeping baby. Dawson lowers the baby into a bassinet, and Gretchen schmoops about "Papa Dawson" and how cute blah blah. Dawson blah blah never thought he'd get that into it blah blah getting attached to Lily blah blah she's so small and perfect blah. Gretchen smiles patiently. Then Dawson starts in on how Lily's about the same age as Alexander, and he wonders if they'll grow up climbing in and out of each other's windows and becoming best friends and -- well, I couldn't hear the rest of it, because Contrivance and Foreshadowing have plunked themselves down on my kitchen floor with a case of Fresca, and the belching contest is drowning out the dialogue. In Saskatoon. But I think the gist is that, once again, Gretchen gets kind of grossed out by the Joey reference. Breeeepp! Something about Dawson's letter to his parents. Braaaaaaaaaaack! He hasn't finished it, maybe? I can't make it out, and the captions keep garbling up. Beeeeeeyaaaarrr! Gretchen…something about "if that one's hard, wait till you try to write Joey's." Dawson looks at her all "the hell?" Rrrrruuuuuuuuck. She expected him to. To what? I don't know; I can't hear. Awkward pause. Gretchen should get back; she has to uurrrrrrrrrp -- "clean"? Didn't catch it. Blah. Kissing. Testicle singing about "memories." Gretchen, meaning it: "Goodbye." Dawson, thinking she means "see you later": "Bye."

PB&B. Pacey drops Joey home and makes to leave, and she thanks him for coming, and he thanks her for asking him, and there's awkward "sorry"-ing, and Pacey says she doesn't "have anything to be sorry for" -- it's him. He makes to leave again, but she stops him and asks if she can come home with him: "We could just…sleep?" "Yeah," he whispers, his heart leaking out of his eyes. They hug, and Pacey clutches her hair in his fist, and Joey rests her head on his shoulder and tries not to cry.

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