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The Too-Long Goodbye

Dawson packs and looks around his room broodily.

Witterschloss. Dawson gets out of the Jeep and heads for the porch, but brings up short when he sees his yearbook propped up on the balustrade. He takes it down and opens it to a bookmark: a picture of him and Gretchen laughing together. Dawson reads as Gretchen's voice-over goes on about thinking about what she'd say; thinking about saying it face-to-face, but knowing it would "be too hard"; she needs to move on, and he needs to stay there: "You're opening a new chapter, and you have to give a proper goodbye to the old one." I won't miss Gretchen's cliché-o-matic sensei crap, I'll tell you what, but she's got a point. Cross-fade to Pacey staring out to sea, then back to Dawson. More Gretchen VO about living these moments, "even the sad ones, because you'll never get them back. So enjoy this time." Savor it, make the memories strong, never give up, never surrender, baby we were born to run, you get the idea. Cross-fade to Joey, still trying not to cry -- but she's by herself, so I don't see why she's all Composure Queen about it -- as Gretchen VO talks about not needing to spend a month in the car to fall in love with Dawson, because she already did. She bids him goodbye and thanks him for changing her life and opening her heart again: "You'll never know how much it meant to me." Okay, okay -- wrap it up, Senior Discount. And she does, bidding him to "have a bitchin' summer." Dawson and I both snort. Then Dawson flares his nostrils and looks genuinely disappointed.

Later, Joey sits on the pier. Dawson comes to sit beside her, remarking that he hasn't seen her all weekend. "I know," Joey says. Pause Of The Lovelorn. Dawson: "You do anything good?" Joey thinks about answering honestly, then decides not to get into it: "No, not really. You?" Dawson sighs, "No. Not really." Joey looks at him, offers up a commiserative "we suck" snort, and falls silent for a moment before asking what he's doing for the summer. Dawson thinks it over, sighs again, and says mildly, "This." Joey furrows her brow, shoots him a "well…okay then" look, and resumes staring into space. Zoom out to them sitting companionably together with their sucky lives; the testicle, observing that "we're waiting for our real lives to begin," ushers us into the end credits.

Next week: Pacey Witter graduates! And some other stuff, but my tape got cut off.

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