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The Too-Long Goodbye

Witterschloss. Pacey "The Green Monster" Witter is under the hood of the Gretchenmobile, tinkering. Enter Gretchen "Alpha Hydroxy Female" Witter with lunch. Car talk. Now it's Gretchen's turn behind the wheel of the Exposition as she says that she talked to the landlord, and the rent is paid up through the end of next month, and then their lease is done. Pacey thanks her for dealing with that, and she says it's payment for the work he's done on her car. Gretchen gives him the older-sister eye and asks how he's doing. He's had better days, he reports glumly, and asks about her and whether she's talked to Dawson lately. She shakes her head, sort of ashamed, and confesses that she doesn't know whether she's avoiding Dawson or if it's the other way around; Pacey says he knows what she means, and product-places his can of Country Time lemonade. "Really?" Gretchen asks. "Same thing," Pacey nods tersely. Gretchen expresses her condolences. Instead of answering, Pacey asks if she thinks they'd feel better dealing with their "significant exes" instead of "holing up" at the Witterschloss. Probably, Gretchen sighs, "but that doesn't mean I'm actually ready to go out there and cope." No, neither is Pacey. "Maybe it's genetic," he cracks. Gretchen smiles ruefully.

Ryan Home. Jen lets herself in to find a realtor taking the Exposition from zero to sixty in eight seconds -- "the house just went on the market a few days ago," and she's sure it's not going to stay on the market long. A prepped-out middle-aged couple nods and eyes the walls, and Prepped-Out Husband makes noises about tearing out the upstairs room while Prepped-Out Wife says something about "lots of steel," like, yeah, these two whale-belt-and-twin-set-wearing sourballs know the first thing about Bauhaus design. Whatever. Jen interrupts, "That's my room." The realtor, responding without really acknowledging Jen, says nervously that "there's lots of possibilities" and suggests that the Prepped-Outs take another look around. The Prepped-Outs smile condescendingly at Jen and move off to continue appraising the house, and the realtor approaches Jen, introducing herself and congratulating Jen on "Boston Bay College, by the way," like, what? Jen's all, "Yeah, yeah -- who are you?" The realtor: "Didn't you know? Your grandmother's selling her house." Jen stares at her all, "Um, no. Now get out." And there's no way that Grams as written would put the house up and not tell Jen first. Pah.

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