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The Too-Long Goodbye

Mmm…Vanilla Bean Coolatta.

Back to the Sanctum, where Dawson has penciled "Dear Mom & Dad" on a piece of notebook paper and is now staring at it. Oh, who cares? Again, we've seen the previews. We know he's not going with Gretchen. Anyway, Gale comes in with a contrived "crisis" at the restaurant, so Dawson has to baby-sit Lillian "Mommy, Call My Agent" Leery for a few hours. Gale babbles on about Lily recognizing Dawson already -- yeah, he's that big greasy blob that blocks out all the light in the room. She's a newborn, not an idiot -- and asks if he talked to Gretchen, and Dawson says all lie-of-omission that Gretchen's coming over later, and Gale is glad and blah. After Gale takes off, Dawson tells Lily not to "look at [him] like that," and technically he didn't lie. Lily gurgles. Dawson goes back to the letter, then turns to tell Lily that he doesn't feel guilty about "the whole Mom-and-Dad thing," and he's saving them from a long ceremony, which is a gift. Lily's like, "Yeah. Fine. Let me sleep already." Then Dawson admits that it's not a gift, but he's spent eighteen years making everyone else happy, and now he wants to "pursue" some happiness of his own. I can't even touch that one. Lily: "Do I look like I care? I'm two weeks old over here! Bring on the bottle or cram it." Dawson wonders aloud why he's having such a hard time writing the letter if he doesn't feel guilty. Shot of his hairy arm. Piano Of Realization. Lily: "[Poot!]" Because a baby farting = funny.

No, she didn't really fart. But I can dream.

Worthington party. Mr. K introduces Pacey to the dean of admissions. The dean has heard "all sorts of wonderful things" about Pacey. Pacey is super polite and smiley, thinking he's going to get a bid to attend Worthington. Nope -- the dean has chartered Mr. K's yacht for the summer, and after a bit of roundabout quizzing as to Pacey's sailing experience, he's offered a job on the yacht "as one of the deck hands." Ouch. Pacey's face falls faster than a French prizefighter; he tries to play it off, asking if that's all they wanted to talk to him about. The men don't notice, saying that the pay's not the greatest but he'll have time to himself and so on and so forth. Pacey diplomatically calls the offer "unexpected," and says that he's flattered. Mr. K tells him to take some time to think it over, and he and the dean wander away. Pacey's lower lip buckles briefly, but he recovers, then looks over at Joey chatting it up with Davy Jones and the other Biffs in her class.

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