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Sex And Violence

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Sex And Violence

Los Angeles. Oh, please. Like Dawson is really going to go through with this teen sex comedy deal. I'm not even going to go through this entire scene; everyone knows he's not going to cash Larry the Pervert's check. He can't do it! He can't! He's an artist! He needs to tell a story! Blah! Blah! Blah! Larry is, clearly, shocked that Dawson is turning down his cash, but wishes him luck. Dawson leaves the studio all proud of himself. Proud and poor. I hope he drops dead.

Liberty Hell's Kitchen. Pacey and Joey broker some kind of peace as he helps her clean out the bar. He then keeps me from flying to North Carolina to stick the writers' heads in the toilet by firing her. Joey is stunned by this development, and swears that she can make coffee. Pacey tells her that it's not about the coffee; he just can't concentrate on work when she's around. Aw, that would be really cute if this entire episode didn't destroy whatever residual goodwill I had left for Joey. Anyway, they make out. And I discover that I still sort of love Pacey. But as I now completely hate Joey, I feel somewhat conflicted by this making out. Post-kiss, Joey agrees that she can't work for him anymore. So she quits. Pacey points out that if she gets fired, she can get severance. As a temp? After one day? I don't think so. Anyway, Joey informs Pacey that she was looking forward to seeing him in a regular basis. He snuggles against her shoulder and whispers that that can be arranged. She tells him that she still has to close out the register, and then she'll meet him at his place. Pacey smiles at her sweetly and walks out…just as Oliver walks in. He grins proudly at Joey, who looks stunned. Oh, Joey. He was in California, not at the bottom of the ocean.

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