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Sex And Violence

Jen continues, saying that she doesn't want Grams to walk in on them. Which is a fair reason not to want to get it on. However, I then advise that Jen spend more time at Blandy's, or get her own place, or start having sex when Grams is at choir practice, because, um, Grams lives there. That's a constant. Blandy sighs. "Wow, then it is true what they say. Once you start dating, the sex goes right out the window," he says. Which is also, by the way, bullshit. Besides, the old hacky joke is that sex disappears when you get married, not when you start dating. If you're going to be shoving antiquated notions of sexuality down my throat, at least get your antiquated facts straight. Jen tells Blandy that he's being a total drama queen, and he just chuckles. "You know, there are other ways to be intimate," Jen says and The Wocka Chicka Wocka Chicka Blow Job Music gets going on the soundtrack as Blandy is all, "Bring it on," and opens the blankets to her and she crawls in to cuddle, curling up on his chest. Blandy rubs her back and sighs that she was talking about "snuggling." Jen squeezes her eyes shut. "What did you think I was talking about?" she asks. "Nothing," Blandy says. Jen closes her eyes and I'm sorry, but that Girls Want To Snuggle, Boys Want Blow Jobs double standard is crap, pure and simple. I mean, I'm not anti-snuggle, by any means, but I certainly am not in favor of snuggling as a substitute for sex. The two aren't mutually exclusive, you know. You can enjoy both, without being, like, a freak. I'd like to just know why none of the women on this show is allowed to have a satisfying sex life, one where her partner doesn't run out on her, or cheat on her, or bore her, or drive her to alcoholism? Can't someone on this show just have sex and enjoy it and be okay with it? ["No." -- Sars] Please note that I'm not saying that Jen isn't allowed to turn it down once in a while. Everyone's not in the mood sometimes. But she should be able to say, "I don't feel like it, honey," and leave it at that, without any of this I'm A Girl And Girls Don't Want Sex idiocy.

Speaking of idiocy, let's revisit Pacey's horribly paced stockbroker plotline. He and Joey walk in to work together, and all of the men in the office act like they've been marooned on a desert island for twenty years and Joey is the first woman they've seen since their rescue. Seriously, they're gawking and drooling and falling over and dropping things. And, honestly, she doesn't look all that good. If I had vitriol to spare, this is where I'd put my weekly screed about how utterly craptastical her hair looks, but I blow my vitriolic wad later in the recap. Anyway, Pacey introduces Joey to his assistant, who informs him that Bobby Briggs has just fired her.

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