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Sex And Violence

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Sex And Violence

Boston. Pacey is on the phone in his office, as Joey eavesdrops. Yadda yadda yadda, she comes in to hand him some paperwork and hangs up on his client. Pacey asks her to get him back on the line, and she just stands there and looks at him. Pacey makes a put-upon face. "You know, Jo, you're such a smart girl, I honestly thought this was going to be a little easier for you," he says, and Joey informs him that she purposely didn't learn secretarial skills. Pacey grouses that she should have mentioned that. "Well, if I'm too good at it, then no one will ever let me do what I really want to do," Joey whines. This is the part where I almost suffered a giant stroke. Because that's fucking bullshit. Look, I worked as an assistant for plenty of time before I landed a writing gig, and if Joey wants to be a writer -- and frankly, none of us knows what Joey wants to do with her life because she's never even said -- she'd be well advised to brush up on her secretarial skills, because writing jobs can get sparse on the ground. Not to mention that I got a lot of my earlier writing experience precisely because I was such a good assistant. My bosses gave me more responsibility (which led to me getting a better job), instead of firing me for being a snotty spankhole. And! And! Someone needs to tell Joey that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being an assistant! A good assistant can make very respectable money and is an invaluable part of many companies. Maybe Joey ought to take her uneducated little nose out of the air and trying doing the work that she's being paid to do. Bitch.

At this point, Fede Ralagent enters the room. I guess her actual name is Sadia Shaw, Girl Reporter, but I wish she had been a Fed, because that might have been interesting. Anyway, Pacey is very pleased to see her. I am shocked to see that she's actually more orange than Joey is, which I didn’t think was physically possible. She looks like a walking carrot. Sadia hands Joey her coat, announcing that she has an appointment. Joey blinks like she's never been so offended in her life. Joey, it's a two-week job: hang up her coat. Sadia and Pacey shake hands, and she chirps that he's certainly moving up in the world. "So, you guys know each other?" Joey asks pointedly. Sadia tells her that that's what the interview is for. Pacey then nicely asks Joey to get them a pot of coffee. She snaps that she'll whip up a batch, and gives him, seriously, the look of death as she tosses Sadia's coat aside angrily. Okay. Flames. Flames on the side of my face, again. It's your job! Do your job! Do your job and be an adult, you horrible girl!

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