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Sex And Violence

In Los Angeles, Todd makes the salient point that a job is a job. Dawson brats that he can't do something he doesn't believe in. He whines that he learned a lot working with Todd, but he "lost his soul in the process." Todd rolls his eyes and tells Dawson that he's "a bloody drama queen," and I'd just like to point out that this is the second time that phrase has been used this episode, and since it's not a shout-out, it must just be sloppy writing. Did no one catch that they already used that crack? Jesus, I'm beginning to feel like everyone on the Dawson's Creek staff has totally checked out. Which I can sympathize with -- I'm sure they're as sick of this show as I am -- but they, like Joey, are getting paid to do this job, and like her, they're falling down all over the place. It's unprofessional, and it offends me as a viewer and a writer. Anyway, Todd tells Dawson that he can either keep working until he gets to the point where he can write his own ticket, or he can tear up the check and make the movie on his own dime. Dawson makes a face, and Todd hands him a ten-dollar bill. "Go make a movie," he says, explaining that, with a little heart and plenty of other clichéd movie-making emotions, "you can will a movie into existence." Then he utters some crap about how great Dawson is, and I'm not going to recap those lines because they make Todd look like he's been possessed by the pod people, and I love him too much to put those words into his mouth.

Boston. Joey stares at Pacey as he writes something. Hey, Pacey is a lefty! Like me! We're very good-looking, we lefties. I don't know if you're aware of that. Joey demands to know how he knows "that woman." Pacey rolls his eyes and asks her if it would have killed her to act professionally. Joey opens her mouth at this, like she's never been so appalled in her life, and says that the people at Pacey's office are "cavemen." Cavemen who are PAYING YOUR SALARY. And you're only hurting Pacey, by the way. Pacey points out that he certainly thought she would be able to pour coffee. Especially since she's, you know, a waitress and all. "That's all an assistant is to you, isn't it? Just some chick who pours coffee," Joey sasses. Pacey snaps that he didn't realize she wanted to be "a career assistant," and then Joey brats that Bobby Briggs fired Pacey's other secretary because she wasn't cute enough. "Have you even noticed the assistants here?" she asks. Pacey sighs that there's no good way to answer that. "They look like the Maxim Girls of the Office," Joey brats. And you're fighting that by spilling coffee all over a reporter? That's extremely stupid. Yes, Pacey's former assistant should sue the company. When I worked at the Soul-Sucking Insurance Company, there was a man who had worked there for years who was known to be kind of jackass. During his assistant's annual review, he said that she should lose weight. He put actually put that in her written report. And she sued the company. She got enough money that she's not going to have to work for long time. I thought she was totally in the right, but I didn't go and stop spelling my brochures correctly. I went out and got a new job, instead. And Joey is full of shit if she says she's pouring coffee on Sadia because the company is sexist -- not merely because Sadia doesn't even work there, but because her behavior is clearly coming from her own crazy jealousy.

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