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Sleeping Arrangements

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Sleeping Arrangements

Previously: Audrey got hired at Liberty Hell, Pacey got a promotion, Dawson moved into Jen's house. Really previously: Joey blew off a dorky guy from her Econ class, and Pacey had a rich blonde chippy of a girlfriend who kept referring to him as a "cute slacker."

Cut to Pacey's boat. He's doing nautical stuff, backed by some anonymous peppy pop music, when the aforementioned blonde chippy comes skipping up the dock. "You vaguely resemble this boy I had the time of my life with last summer," she purrs. Pacey grins, helps her onto the boat, and wraps her in an embrace. "Melanie. Shea. Thompson," he says, holding at arm's length and grinning at her. He had a feeling he'd see her again, he says. "What took you so long?" They sit down on the deck. Melanie shrugs. "I got busy," she says. "Kinda sounds like code for 'you started dating guys more appropriate to your station in life,'" Pacey translates. Melanie halfway grins and agrees, explaining that "it didn't work out." They smile at each other, and Melanie wonders what Pacey's doing out on the boat. "Shouldn't you have a job, or something?" she asks. Pacey proudly informs her that he does, in fact, have a job. "What?" Melanie chortles. "My cute slacker boyfriend went and got himself a job?" Well, I don't think he's technically your boyfriend anymore, and I also think it's rather rude to continually refer to him as a slacker, like, doesn't he get enough of that from his own family, but whatever. Also, while I'm on a minor tangent: Pacey's hair? Looks so much better than it has in the past. Pacey explains all about his job at the restaurant, which impresses Melanie because Liberty Hell is "the hottest restaurant in town." Pacey shrugs, explaining that he had to do something to pay the rent, as her uncle won't let him live on the boat for free forever. Melanie sort of makes a face and says that she's actually got some news about that for him. Her uncle has sold the boat…and bought a new one…and wants Pacey to sail it around with him…to the Greek islands. She grins gleefully. Pacey looks stunned. "Are you kidding?" he asks. She shakes her head and explains that the boat leaves in three days. "Interesting," Pacey says. "Is that all you have to say?" Melanie giggles. Pacey admits that she's just caught him a little off-guard. Melanie looks at him, then shakes her head and says that she has to go. "Before this boat stirs feelings I have neither the time nor the luxury to act on," she explains. They both chuckle, and Pacey reiterates that she just surprised him a bit, what with the whole Sail Around The Greek Islands thing. Melanie nods. "Think about it, Pacey," she says. "It's the real deal." Pacey gives her a chaste kiss and sends her on her way with a thoughtful look.


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