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Something Wild

Backstage, Joey covers her mouth and smiles, amazed that she actually just did that. Outside, the crowd continues to "woo!" Charlie runs backstage, grinning. "I honestly had no idea you had that in you," he says. "You probably didn't know I have this, either," Joey says, and then leans in and kisses him right on the smacker! "Don't ever call me uptight," she says after she pulls away. And then she grins and runs back onstage to take another bow.

Casa Leery. Dawson walks into the guest room to see Jen in her flannel PJs. "You are so beautiful," he says. "Apology accepted," she says. Dawson faux-protests that he had this very impassioned speech all prepared! He was even ready to grovel. Jen smiles, and tells him she doesn't want to hear it. "You're right," she says. "No one has first-hand experience." Except Joey! Who has a dead parent AND a jailbird dad! Jeez! Also, make a note: the Lindley spinectomy is complete, as scheduled. Dawson tells Jen that he's going to be moving into the attic. "We can decorate!" Jen squeals. And they kiss, and then they gaze out at Grams's old place and reflect upon the weirdness of life. "We had to move away to a different city to get together," Jen narrates. And then Dawson says something about how they never hooked up in her old house and she blathers that that house will always belong to her and they both look thoughtful and I fear that this is all leading to more Dawson McPatchyChestHair.

Bar: Audrey and Pacey can't find Joey. "Maybe she met someone," Pacey offers. Audrey snorts. "Do you have any idea what it would take for that to happen?" Audrey asks. Pacey chuckles knowingly. Because, you know, he does. Audrey looks around the bar, finally catching an eyeful of Joey sitting with Charlie, and grabs Pacey's arm and makes up a lame excuse for Joey's absence and hustles him out of the bar. The things you do so your friends can get laid, I tell you.

Over by the stage, Charlie is all, your friends just ditched you. And Joey is all, fuck! He offers her a ride home on his Sexy Bad-Boy Motorcycle. Joey rolls her eyes. "No, of course you have a motorcycle," she says. "It's a Harley," he says. "Of course it is," Joey says. I sort of like Other Joey. Since Old Joey is clearly dead or vacationing in the Caymans, she'll have to do.

Grams's old house. Fire in the fireplace. Candles. Blankets. Jen and Dawson. Naked. My eyes. Falling out. Of my head.

Pacey drops off Audrey at the dorms, offering to walk her back to her room. She refuses, but she does say that she likes his car. And she had fun with him. Pacey agrees, grinning. "You're more fun than some hot guy I'd like to date," she says. Pacey bursts out laughing. "Thanks, I think." She says something about walking back to the dorm, and visiting with the security guards and wondering if one of them has had his baby yet, and blah blee blah blee she's been at the dorms the whole break because her parents suck and basically cut her off and she's just a poor little rich girl. Pacey knows the pain of crappy parents, and looks at her in a kindly way. Audrey asks him not to tell Joey about the falling out. "Sometimes there are things you don't want the people who are close to you to know about," she says. Pacey understands. And then he tells her that his dad just gave him his shiny new car. Wait? What? How come we didn't get to see that? Because that would have been, like, moving and whatnot. ["Or John Finn had something else to do the day of shooting." -- Sars] Apparently, Sheriff Witter said he was proud of Pacey. And that he deserved the car. "That's the first time in my entire life I've ever heard him say those words. That he's proud of me." Pacey smiles, all bittersweet and dreamy. "'But'?" Audrey prompts. "Even if it's true, how long could it possibly last?" Pacey asks. Audrey looks away sadly and smiles at the ground. She won't tell anyone, she says. They shake their heads over their respective crappy parental units, and then Audrey stretches up and kisses Pacey on the cheek. "Hey, what was that for?" Pacey asks. Audrey explains that she made a pact with Joey to kiss boys, and she knows Joey won't hold up her end of the pact. "I hope you don't mind," she finishes. "Rarely do I mind being kissed by a beautiful woman," Pacey chuckles. He'll see her at work! She's looking forward to it! They race off to their respective homes! Please, don't let them get together. They have the perfect chemistry for really, really good friends, but not romance. Besides, we need to keep the funny and charming characters far apart, so as to keep them in as many different scenes as possible.

So, Joey's walking home alone down the freezing, freezing streets of Boston, and Charlie's following her on his bike, trying to get her to let him give her a ride. If you know what I mean. And I know that you do. Joey rolls her eyes and finally walks over to him and tells him, very seriously, that maybe, just maybe, there is another part of her. "Another girl that lives deep inside of me. And everyone once in a while, she lets loose and does something that might blow some people's minds. But Charlie? If you ever mention her or anything she might have done tonight to another person, I'll completely deny knowing anything about her." And with that, she walks off. Charlie stares at her. "Fun hanging out with you tonight, Joey, Smart Girl From Worthington," he calls, as he puts on his tiny little penis-shaped helmet. "Good night, Charlie," Joey says. And then Charlie drives off into the night. And Joey smiles to herself and thinks about how she ought to really get out of the house more often.

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