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Something Wild

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Something Wild

Bar. Audrey is hustling Pacey at pool with a gigantic audience of horny dudes looking at her ass. "You rack 'em, I'll crack 'em, baby," she says, as she clears the table. Pacey looks amused, and asks Joey if she'd like to take Audrey in the next round. "I'll let you endure that indignity," she retorts. As Audrey…um, does something else somewhere, Joey and Pacey chat a bit about her grades, and how she's an obsessive freak and there's no hope for her whatsoever. Pacey grins and reminds her that she knows how to loosen up. She just needs to do it more often. Joey grins in return. Man, their faces are really, really close to each other. Like, kissable-close. She wonders which part of her contains that whole loosened-up bit. Because she'd like to locate it. Pacey looks down at her. "Other Joey," he explains. That's such a shout-out. Although, technically? It's Old Joey. Maybe Old Joey and Other Joey are different Joeys. Maybe one of them works for -- wow, I almost launched into an X-Files-ian explanation of how there could be both an Old Joey AND an Other Joey. Never mind. Pacey explains that Other Joey ran away for a summer on a sailboat. And sang in a beauty pageant. And had sex with him. (He doesn't add that last part, though). "Other Joey?" she asks, grinning. The other one knows better than to let things that are completely out of her control bother her, Pacey explains. "Like Dawson and Jen," Joey says. Pacey puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles. But Audrey interrupts this 'Shipper Moment with some blather about the similarity between her eyeshadow and the chalk for the pool cue. Joey grins and excuses herself to hit the bar. She tells Pacey that she's "going to keep an eye out for that other girl." Pacey takes a C-note out of his pocket and tells her to "buy [Other Joey] a drink. On [him]." Joey stares at the bill, impressed, and wonders where he got the cash. "I work for a living," Pacey grins.

But before Joey gets to the bar, Charlie brings her a drink. Banter. Banter. Flirting. Barfing. Banter. Charlie's "looking for a second chance." Joey breaks the news that Jen is dating someone else already. "I'm talking about you," he smarms. "You're looking for a second chance with me? Who told you you ever had a first?" Joey asks. "All right, I hit on you. Is that a crime?" Charlie asks. Joey snorts. "If there's anything I'm guilty of, it's being attracted to you," he continues. Oh, sweet fancy Jesus. Has that line ever worked? My. God. Charlie continues in this vein for, like, the rest of my life. She's so pretty, he loves her, he wants her to have his babies, blah. Joey's unimpressed. "At least I'm not afraid to take a chance," Charlie finishes. We all see where this is going, right? Good. Joey says she's not going to "recount [her] reckless behavior" for him. He calls her a prude. I file my nails. She rolls her eyes. "Joey. The smart girl from Worthington. When was the last time you did something completely and indisputably wild?" Charlie asks. And Joey walks off. So, wait? Are they saying that you can't be smart and wild simultaneously? Because that's so not true. At least, that's what I've heard.

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