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Something Wild

Dawson's sitting on the pier thing at the end of the Leery's yard. He screams, "goodbye, cruel world!" and flings himself into the water to sleep with the fishes forever. The end. Wow, it's been really nice recapping this season of Dawson's Creek with y'all, and I'd like to thank Sars for -- oh, hellfire. He doesn't throw himself in the creek. I was hallucinating. Again. Gale comes outside and sits next to The Head. "It's funny," she says. "Before you got here today, I was worried about what was going to be going on in my house after I went to sleep. And now I'm kind of worried about what's not happening." Could I be more grossed out by the idea of Gale worrying that her son's not getting enough ass? No, I could not. Dawson explains that he and Jen had their first fight, but they'll "work it out." Gale shakes her head. She doesn't think they will. Not until he "lets go of that house." Meaning, you know, Casa Leery. "Dawson, until you can start waking up every day and thinking about yourself, I don't think you're ever going to be able to be in a relationship and go to school and begin the life that you deserve to have," she sighs. Yes. Because you know who Dawson needs to think about more? Himself. Him. Self. He never thinks of himself! It's all feeding the hungry and clothing the poor and donating his corneas to the blind and saving babies from burning buildings. Dawson heaves that he just wants to make sure that L'il Lily Leery and his Ma are "set." Gale sighs. "You are done," she says. "Right now. This is where it ends. No, it's time." She's letting him go! Fly, little bird, fly! FLY RIGHT INTO THE SUN AND BURN ALIVE! Whoa, sorry. Anyway, Gale explains that seeing him with Jen has made it all clear. "The girl is head-over-heels smitten with you," she says. "She really cares about you and your future." Dawson agrees that he doesn't know how he'd have gotten through The Death Of The Flash without Jen. "Lily and I, we'll be okay. I promise," Gale says. "So, Dawson. Go to Boston. Live in that attic. Have lots of sex." Okay, not that last part. Then Gale says some shit about how she's all proud of him, and the Flash would be too, and they hug. Whatever. "I've got some apologizing to do," Dawson says. Gale advises that he "grovel. It always worked like a charm for [the Flash]." Cue cozy, familial chuckling.

Bar. Audrey and Pacey are a-lookin' for Joey. The band comes back from break. And the new singer? Is Joey. Singing Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me." Audrey and Pacey stare at each other. "Oh my God, are you hearing that too?" Audrey asks. Pacey nods. "It's not possible," she breathes. "It is possible. Check that out," Pacey says, pointing toward the stage, where Joey is "singing" and "dancing." Audrey's mouth drops open. "Oh my God, that can't be the same girl who sleeps in my room! Who is that girl?" she asks. Pacey grins. "That," he says, "is Other Joey." Audrey "woo"s jubilantly, and they watch Joey's performance, both grinning wildly. Despite the fact that Katie Holmes can't really sing all that well, the crowd eats her up. I mean, she's cute. And she does seem to be having fun. Which goes a long way. Not quite long enough, but longer than you'd think. "I want you to want meeeee!" Joey finishes, yelling into the microphone. The crowd erupts into completely overly-jubilant cheers. Pacey laughs and shakes his head. "I love you Joey! You're my hero! Woo!" Audrey yells. Joey looks pleased with herself, takes a bow, looks pleased with herself some more, and then races backstage.

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