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Swan Song

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Swan Song

Luggage Claim, which is apparently only one of the many romantic hotspots at the airport. Audrey. Pacey. Schmoopy. Pacey suggests that they drive to Los Angeles, stopping only for food, sex, and the world's largest ball of yarn. Sounds like the best road trip ever. Seriously. "And what if some sexy old broad hits on you along the way?" Audrey asks. Pacey answers correctly, saying that he'd kick her to the curb. Audrey smiles slowly. "You are very lucky, Pacey," she says. "I know," Pacey. "Why?" Audrey links her hands around his neck. "'Cause I kind of love you," she tells him. "Only kind of?" he asks. Audrey gives him a mock dirty look. "We have a long way to California," she says. "We'll work on it." They mack. "Thank you," Pacey tells her. He kisses her again, then grabs her bags (which I guess she convinced the airline to take off the plane for her). They head out. "By the way, you wouldn't happen to have any money for gas, would you?" he asks. Ah, Pacey. Ever the romantic, hitting his woman up for cash.

Joey, ticket in hand, runs all OJ-style through the airport (OJ-in-the-Hertz-commercials-style, not OJ-running-from-the-law-in-a-white-Bronco-style). She catches Dawson just as he's about to get on the plane, and he stares at her like he wants to crush her skull like a walnut. "Why are you saying goodbye to me?" Joey asks him plaintively. "What happened to you? When did you become the fatalist?" When she wouldn't kiss him, Dawson snips. Joey sighs and explains that she didn't kiss him because she was scared of "of going backwards, of never growing up." "That's what I represent to you?" Dawson huffs, his nostrils flaring dramatically. "Not you. Us," Joey offers. Cue more heaving and flaring, as Joey tells Dawson that he's a huge part of her life "past, present and future." Oh, God, please, just let go! Both of you! Get over it and get a life, for the love of Pete. Everyone has someone who got away from them, and none of us is chasing that person to the airport anymore.

Joey continues, telling Dawson that he makes her life "better, not worse." I'm afraid I can't say the same. "Then come with me, right now," Dawson says. "Come with me, Jo." She tearfully shakes her head. "I can't. I won't," she tells him. "Going to California is your journey, not mine. And if we really mean to each other what we say we mean to each other, then, there's nothing to worry about. Everything will work itself out, I guarantee it. Besides, I think I finally figured out with that kiss meant." Dawson stiffly asks if she'd "care to share?" Instead, she kisses him. Ew. For old time's sake, the editors kick the lip mics up to eleven. "Damn it. Damn it! Damn it, you have this annoying habit of making me not want to get on planes," Dawson curses. Joey tells him gently that he's going to get on the plane and make movies, "because that's [his] dream. And [he's] going to be nice to everyone [he meets] along the way, because that's who [he is]." They smile at each other, each basking in the warm glow of the other's raging It. "And if you ever get lost, you remember," Joey says slowly. "What?" he asks. She smiles. "I love you, too." Oh, that's it. I'm going to kill myself next season, aren't I? The flight attendant finally breaks up this cozy reunion, asking Dawson if he'll be flying with them "or what." Heh. Joey puts on her Buck Up, Little Camper face and tells the flight attendant that he will be. Tears. Staring. Dawson runs his abnormally large thumbnail over Joey's lips. "Go on, Rainman," Joey tells him. "Your life awaits." Because there's nothing more romantic than comparing your soulmate to Rainman. I know, when I finally give into the seductive call of internet dating, my personal ad will probably read something like, "Sassy brunette seeks small-statured obsessive-compulsive. Knowledge of statistics a plus, verbal tics a must!" He looks at her. "Yours, too, you know," he says. One last kiss and he leaves, thank God. With an enormous sigh and a long look at his retreating back, Joey smiles to herself, and goes.

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