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Swan Song

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Swan Song

Cut to Jen, sitting in her cushy first class seat. And who sits next to her? PBMD. He, of course, hits on her. Jen twitters under his attentions, and then tells him that his last movie "kinda sucked." Hee. Then she sits back and wonders how she'll live through an entire summer in a luxurious beach house.

In a coffee shop somewhere, Jack and Eric laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Back at Casa Leery, Li'l Lily Leery points at a photograph of the Flash and coos, "Dada!" Gale and her hideously fake and baked-leather-baseball-glove skin smile, thrilled. Her teeth are horrible; I have no idea what's going on in Wilmington, but they need a dentist on staff, stat!

Grams and Clifton head off to Vegas.

Audrey and Pacey laugh giddily in the car. She caresses his neck. Everyone in this show is so damned happy. It's the complete opposite of that other show I recap.

Dawson sits in his window seat and thinks. A nervous-looking but pretty girl flings herself down in the seat next to him. I'm going to call her Lauren. "You okay?" Dawson asks. Lauren stammers that she's fine. "No, I'm not," she corrects herself almost immediately. "Not really. I have this problem with flying. I hate it. With a passion. If I grab your arm at some point during the flight and ask you explain some creepy airplane noise, please don't hold it against me," she asks. Run, Lauren, run! Dawson promises that he won't. Hold it against her. If you know what I mean, and I think you do. Go ahead, they put the barf bag in the seat pocket for a reason. He smiles at her. Lauren lets out a long shaky breath. "You know what?" Dawson asks. "It's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay." She just looks at him.

Joey hits the ticket counter to get a refund on her ticket to La France. Harvey takes it out of her hand and muses that it's a shame she can't use it, because Paris is beautiful this time of year. "That's what I hear," Joey says. She looks thoughtful for a moment, then smiles at him widely. We freeze frame on her giant yellow chompers, and fade to black. And that's it. That's it. For the year. Any plotlines wrapped up? Not really. Any cliffhangers? Not exactly. Just another year capped off with further tiresome Soulmate Action, and still no closer to Dawson's death at the hands of psychotic monkeys or drunken carnies. Ah, well, what are you going to do? Other than, you know, find yourself some psychotic monkeys to train over the summer, or hit the carnival circuit. Consider that an assignment. See you in the fall!

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