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Swan Song

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Swan Song

Cut to Logan Airport and a long, old montage composed of stock footage of airplanes. Jen and Jack race to catch their flight…which turns out, of course, to be delayed. They turn, irritated, from the departure listings and see Audrey and Dawson staring at them from the gift shop. "Told you we weren't going to get bored," Audrey says.

So the four of them sit and wait and wait and sit and sit and wait. I hate the airport. Mostly because I feel compelled to keep an eye open for terrorists in case I need to take them down with a weapon made from the most recent copy of Lucky magazine and a can of hairspray. Jack glances up at the latest stream of people disembarking. "No way, this is not happening," he says. Ambiguously Gay Eric walks into the terminal, all clean and pressed in a yellow shirt. Jen glances up and sees him too. "Okay, who's hungry?" she asks. "Not you," she tells Jack, and hustles Dawson and Audrey away, leaving Jack to have a really awkward conversation with Ambiguously Gay Eric. Who, it turns out, isn't so Ambiguous anymore but rather, simply, Gay. Apparently, he was going to try to come out to the parents, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead, he's back to take some classes and hang out and maybe get a job and hopefully become Jack's apprentice in The Way Of The Gay. Jack reminds Eric that he's going to Costa Rica for the summer. They stare at each other. Jack looks uncomfortable, but, I must admit, really very cute in his snug grey t-shirt. Eric offers to hang out and keep Jack company until his flight leaves, but Jack shakes his head, saying that it's not necessary. Eric sort of nods and chuffs him on the shoulder, and tells him to have a great trip. He takes off. Jack looks conflicted.

Capeside. Joey's heading for work, literally taking the truck keys out of Bessie's hands, yelping that she's running late. Bessie sputters that she thought Joey was starting work the following week. Joey tosses her uniform in the truck bed and wonders gloomily why she'd want to delay the inevitable. Bessie looks at her kindly and tells her she doesn't have to work at the yacht club if she doesn't want to. "Nah," Joey says. "This way it's official. Joey Potter: back where she started from." Bessie rolls her eyes, dubbing her younger sister "a drama queen," and tells her to get going. "Did you bring in the mail?" she calls. Joey grouses that she didn't. "Can you?" Bessie asks. "No, I'm late!" Joey yells, and drives far, far away from Lonely Dawson's lonely letter in the lonely mailbox. And hey, I just remembered -- what the hell happened when she went to see her father at the five-and-dime last week? Am I the only person that remembers that? Shouldn't we get some resolution to -- oh, who am I kidding?

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