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Swan Song

So Pacey and Joey run into the airport and only realize when they're standing in front of the Arrivals and Departures information booth that they can't get to the gate without tickets. Joey says that she's going to buy one, run down there, talk to Dawson, and convince Audrey not to get on the plane. "Does this Dawson character really mean this much to you?" Pacey asks. "I'm just kidding," he adds. He then tells Joey that he really thinks he ought to be present for his own "romantic overtures," and he'll take care of the Audrey angle himself. Wishing each other good luck, they go their separate ways. FOREVER! Sorry, Joey/Pacey fans. I think they had wonderful chemistry, too, and I think the back forty of their relationship was handled really, really poorly. But The Powers That Be at Dawson's Creek seem hell-bent on putting Joey and Dawson together, no matter how grating and unpleasant and co-dependent and irritating and generally unhealthy that relationship is. They're shooting themselves in the foot, but I have the sad feeling that we're going to be dealing with this Dawson And Joey Are Fucking Soulmates thing for the rest of the run of the show. The less said about how much that makes me want to take a sledgehammer to my cerebral cortex, the better. For all of us.

Apparently, Logan Airport only has one ticket agent. Let's call him Harvey. So, Harvey and Jen have this long ridiculous argument, which culminates in Jen being forced to fly first class to New York. My heart bleeds for her, you guys! Flying first class -- a ticket sure to be reimbursed by her Mean Parents -- on the way to spend the summer in the Hamptons. Fate is indeed cruel. Anyway, Jen finally takes the first class ticket and starts heading to the gate. She sees Joey waiting in the same line for tickets. They have the most abbreviated conversation about What Went Down This Year ever, which boils down to the fact that they love each other and everything else is bygones. I have to say, that was refreshingly easy.

Audrey and Dawson stand and wait to board their flight to Los Angeles. Audrey stares out the window and tells him that she thinks she's going to need him to punch her in the face after all. "When we're seated, I promise," Dawson tells her. Audrey's thinking about dying in a fiery crash when she's paged to the white courtesy phone. She throws Dawson a quizzical look, but goes and picks it up. It's Pacey, of course, making the most half-assed romantic gesture ever. His big speech includes, at least, an apology, but also "meet me downstairs and we'll talk." That's pretty much his entire pitch. Audrey is similarly disgusted. "God, you are a lazy romantic, Pacey," she snaps, and slams down the phone.

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