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Tamara's Return

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Tamara's Return

Okay, that was some rough going there, but I've got it together now. Okay, so we're back at the warehouse, where Pacey and taMAHra are still kissing, and then they stop, mutually, and are all hot and bothered and confused and they let go of each other, and then taMAHra says she has a buyer coming in an hour and that she has to clean up, and he asks if that's subtext, and she quite tearfully answers, "No!" So Pacey reassures her that he knows it's over, but that he just has to know: "Do you miss...teaching?" And she answers, "Yes. Very much." And this causes Pacey to choke up and tell her, "Because I miss you teaching, very much." Then he walks out. And I know I shouldn't have liked that scene, but I kind of did.

Then we're at school where a very pissed-looking Abby is striding down the hall ahead of Jen, who tells Abby she likes her dress: "Did I tell you that?" And Abby testily tells her, "Only about three hundred times." So Abby starts in accusing Jen of stealing that guy, even though they'd gone down there for Abby, and that Abby saw the looks Jen was giving him, batting her eyelashes with the mascara Abby had bought her (which was a pretty good line), and Jen tells her she didn't do anything, and Abby is wounded after all Abby's done for her. And Jen tells Abby that she can have Vincent, because their friendship is more important to her, but Abby informs her (rightly, I might add), that friends don't compete over the same guy (although, to temper my earlier endorsement of that view, there wasn't really much of a competition in this case, and Abby really never had a chance). And Jen decides to make matters worse by accusing Abby of blaming Jen because Abby got rejected. And Abby answers, "I didn't get rejected. That's your specialty, not mine." And Jen is dumbstruck by this and stares at her and doesn't even have the presence of mind to bite her lip.

Then we're in a park, where Dawson is sitting against a tree, and Joey is approaching him holding her sketchbook, and she asks if they can talk, and he says they can if she can explain what's going on, like, what if she can't? Don't they get to talk then? But I'm splitting hairs. He tells her she's scaring him, and that he's afraid if he says anything it will lead to a fight. She tells him she's been thinking about how to explain her recent behaviour to him -- why she's been pushing him away, and so forth, but then she says that she doesn't even know the reason, but only that he is very important to her, and that art, whether it ends up as a hobby or her "life's passion" is important too -- is, in fact, the first thing other than him that has been at all important to her in a long time. And Dawson is magnanimous enough to tell her that he thinks "that's great" like, Oh, THANK GOD, but that he doesn't want to lose "what's great about us." Joey sighs, and then tells him that he's been everything to her, and that she's been his sidekick and confidante "for so long," and that's great for him, but it means that she has nothing apart from him, and that her entire life is attached to him. Then she tells him that someone had told her to draw what inspires her, what she loves. And the only thing she could think of was...and the camera cuts to a sketch of the big D himself, and Dawson's first reaction is to be flattered by that, but Joey quickly says: "That's not okay with me, Dawson!" because if anything ever happened to Dawson, Joey would have nothing, and since she lives in fear of not doing anything with her life, it's important for her to have something to hold onto independently from him. Dawson answers that, in the first place, he isn't going anywhere, and in the second, he just wants her to be happy, whether that means being with her or not, but he wants them to stop fighting. Joey says that she wasn't fighting with him, she was fighting with herself, since part of her wanted to push him away and the other part wanted to hold him "so tight." Dawson asks which part won. Joey hesitates, then answers, "I don't mean to sound like a blob of paint, but can we just let this one thing remain unresolved for now?" And Dawson's look of horror at this is so incredibly disproportionate that it betrays what a huge control freak he is. Anyway, then they hug, and as the non-descript music swells...

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