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Tamara's Return

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Tamara's Return

...we cut to Pacey ambling down the road until he notices Andie sitting in a café, and he swings in, sits at her table, picks up her sandwich and leers at her. Andie rolls her eyes and says, "Dawson told you, didn't he?" and Pacey gives her an innocent, blank look, and she says, "Don't play dumb. When dumb people play dumb, it's very disconcerting" which was pretty funny, in my opinion. And Pacey shrugs some more and she admits to having a moment of attraction to him which is soon to pass, and she amends that to say that it already has passed. And Pacey needles her and tells her she brings out the sadist in him. Then she glances out the window and asks, "Don't you know that woman?" and for some probably ostensibly artistic reason we just get a shot of taMAHra's car, and her getting in it, as reflected in the glass through which Pacey is watching her, and Pacey says, "I did. Not anymore," and smiles at her as taMAHra's car pulls away and I guess that, based on that, we're supposed to gather that he's totally over her now, and has grown so much since yesterday, and has now decided to set his sights on girls instead of women from now on, and I hate to say it, but PACEY, YOU CAN DO BETTER.

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