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Tamara's Return

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Tamara's Return

When we return we're back at Casa Cuckold where Dawson is looking for love advice from the Flash, like, that's the first guy I'd turn to if I were having girl problems. WHATEVER. Anyway, Dawson tells the Flash that "this art obsession is making Joey a little crazy" which is rich coming from Spielberg boy, but there's more: "I can't do or say anything right. I made the mistake of teasing her about this art lecture; she went Sybil on me" and, nice revisionist history, Special K, but as I recall it she was responding unfavourably to your psychic head-pat. But the Flash, not having the background knowledge we do, tells Dawson that in his experience, " erratic behaviour of the female orientation usually means the root of the problem is something unexpected," and that it's probably not about art, and that Dawson should figure out what the real issue is, causing Dawson to ask whether this is the Flash's "Father Knows Best moment," and they chuckle, har har, and then the Flash tells Dawson to find Joey and talk to her and heads out just as Pacey, "the man, the myth, the legend" as the Flash puts it, comes in and starts giving Dawson hell for not having told Pacey about taMAHra yesterday and now the timeline is all off, because assuming that Pacey spotted taMAHra on Friday, then on Saturday found her at her old house since they were both wearing different outfits then, this is now Sunday, but whatever.

Anyway, Dawson protests that he tried to tell him, and Pacey tells him that the problem now is that he's not over taMAHra, and Dawson tells him he should "stay away" citing as support for his view the gossip that followed their last "interlude," coupled with the fact of the girls Pacey's own age who like him and hesitates exactly half a second before revealing that Andie likes Pacey (like, way to keep a secret, blabbermouth, not that anyone actually does keep those secrets in high school, but still). Pacey says Andie hates him, and Dawson says that when a girl hates you that much, it really means that she likes you, and Pacey says, "That's just it: Andie's a girl, taMAHra's a woman" and Dawson tells Pacey he should be with a girl (or, failing that, with Quinn, except that I added the Quinn part). And then Dawson, as usual, bails on Pacey, but not before actually having the gall to say to Pacey, without irony, "Don't go there."

Then we're at The Icehouse which is dead and Joey asks for the day off to go see an art exhibit and Bessie gives her leave but asks her to take Jack because he just sits around "looking dopey" and she feels sorry for him, and Joey tells Bessie that there will be "priceless art" there to which Jack could do irreparable damage, but then she relents, asking Jack if he knows what an art exhibit is, like, he's clumsy and inexperienced, Joey, he isn't retarded, and he replies that he does, and she asks him if he wants to go, and he agrees. Whatever.

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