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Tamara's Return

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Tamara's Return

Then we're at a warehouse, which I guess is not the same warehouse the Flash was checking out a couple of weeks ago by his swingin' friend Cole's place of business, because as he is cooing over the space the camera pulls back to reveal taMAHra, and I thought their meeting was at 8 AM like two days ago, but whatever. She tells him she's eager to sell and that she'll give the Flash a good deal and he asks if she's trying to outrun financial difficulties like, AS IF he wouldn't know why she was trying to get out of Capeside but quick, and she rightly reminds him, "We both know my problems weren't strictly financial" and then we get a shot of Jughead Jones in profile, NO WAIT that's the Flash with that cartoonish nose and jutting chin. Good lord! So he says, "Well, since you brought it up -- a student, wasn't it?" and once again I have to say that pretending ignorance on this issue is really unbecoming, and she answers, "Yes, something like that. The ceiling needs fixing up, but the windows are completely new. From what I've heard, you're no stranger to scandal yourself," like, Go taMAHra, and the Flash replies, "Only if your definition of scandal includes your wife having an affair with her co-anchor. If you don't mind, I'd like to give that image a rest for the afternoon," and I don't want to get full-on Miss Manners on the Flash, but perhaps if he had scrupled not to needle taMAHra about her sexual peccadilloes, she might not have mentioned his, so, suck it up, buttercup. And they smile and then do not get it on.

Then we're on the docks with the Bad Girls who are looking for Vincent and Abby is in this black spaghetti-strapped tank top and a patterned dark green skirt and OPAQUE BLACK STOCKINGS which given the sunny day were totally inappropriate, and as if that weren't bad enough she's also got on this gauzy long-sleeved something that looks like it's made of cellophane and she is just one big don't, but she is not alone since Jen is wearing floral-patterned blue-ish v-neck dress under a blue-ish short-sleeved crew-neck cardigan and the combination of these clashing necklines creates a distressingly matronly effect so that instead of looking like the sexpot she apparently aspires to be, she is in fact clad in an outfit that would not be out of place on Grams if she had a church picnic to attend, but whatever ill may be spoke of Jen's outfit, at least it is seasonal, unlike Abby's. Jen tells Abby they'll never find Vincent, and that anyway he's old enough to be Abby's father, and hasn't Abby heard of statutory rape? Abby scoffs. Rape, what a joke.

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