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Texas Rangers

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Texas Rangers
Meanwhile, as the battle rages outside, Frank Bone comes to the rescue of George and company by using the bandits' early machine gun. Of course, the bandits retreat and want to surrender! Of course, Dawson holds up McNelly as they come out of the building. Whitney from Smallville runs up. His face is dirty too. He screams, "No surrender, right, Captain! No prisoners, right, Captain!" McNelly responds by telling the boy that they'll round up their cattle and take the bandits back to Texas for trial. Dawson looks pleased; he always looks happy when he gets his way. The "beefs" are on the move. They moo as they move. The Dukes Ranch. The Rangers all stand outside the house while McNelly dies inside. Mrs. Dukes comes out and tells George and Lincoln to go inside. Dawson enters the bedroom and sits down beside the dying man. Blah remember themselves as men of law, blah men of justice, blah cough blah splutter blah. Dawson stands beside a grave. He holds his ten-gallon hat in his hand. Caroline embraces him for a minute. She looks up to the sky and says she can't help but think "they're" looking down on them. Ah, tenderness. Ah, yawn. Of course, Kelso rides by, screaming. Caroline waves at him. Dawson says, "He'll make a good rancher. And whatever else you've got in mind, he might be good at that too." Take a deep breath. Don't miss the innuendo. There is little of it to spare. Dawson walks off and plants the ten-gallon back on his head. Caroline turns around and says, "Ride safe, Mr. Dunnison." Then she smiles. Dawson takes his spot beside Armstrong and Usher. Armstrong looks at him and screams, "Rangers! Ride out!" The sun sets. The music swells. The horses gallop. The Rangers ride off into the sunset. The End.

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