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...That Is The Question (2)

Capeside High exterior. Jen "Sizzlean" Lindley and Tyson "Chapter And Verse" Hicks kiss with the aid of lip mics as Dawson comes up the front walk. Dawson laughs, "Love blooms in Capeside," as Jen runs her hand through her crack-smoking-dandelion hairdo and says, "God, I feel so silly -- it's like I've got this stupid junior-high crush." Well, she got the "stupid" part right. Dawson approves, calling Jen's and Tyson's stalker-stalkee deal "cool"; Jen agrees, and over the sound of Sars snorting, she invites Dawson to accompany them on a "little evening excursion" that evening. "Bible party?" Dawson asks. Heh. Jen says, "Not exactly." Whatever.

Joey "Goatee" Potter empties out her locker, handing things to Jack while looking for her Econ book. Right after Jack takes her handbag, a clot of meatheads walks past, and one of them sneers, "Oooh, nice purse, McPhee, ha," to which Jack responds, "Ha -- let me know if you want to borrow it sometime, Morgan." Joey looks disturbed as Jack mutters, "Whatever." Joey says she could do without the "running commentary," and Jack tries to keep it light by saying, "Oh, and give up my role as Capeside's most talked-about non-homosexual?" Joey, her hair up in some sort of fountain-freeze-frame bun, says, "You know what I mean. I mean, you're not gay, and what is the joy [sic] in talking about something that has already been refuted?" As they walk down the hall, Jack suggests "fight[ing] fire with fire" by having sex right on the student green, or "even better -- we can 'in' me. We can have a going-into-the-closet party and then everybody can come dressed up as their favorite straight person." Heh. Joey has to smile, and she tells Jack to "get to class, straight boy," and Jack says in a deep voice, "Oh, no, that's Bubba to you," and gives her a kiss. As Jack takes off, Joey's face falls, and by the time Dawson comes up behind her, she has that patented Joey Potter "oh, come on" look. Dawson says softly that he "know[s] that look," which Joey refers to as "the universal look for 'don't ask,' okay?" Actually, that seemed more like the universal look for "don't ask, don't tell," but let's not split hairs. Dawson invites her to come along with him to "this club that Ty likes," also known as The Only Blues Club On Cape Cod That Encourages Under-age Drinking, but Joey declines politely because she and Jack have "plans to study." Dawson, neutrally: "Sounds like fun." Joey: "I guess we haven't been focusing too much on fun recently." Dawson suggests inviting Jack along, "or, you could -- I can't believe I'm suggesting this -- um, just find something for the two of you alone. Maybe even something romantic." Joey says sort of suspiciously, "Dawson Leery, I cannot believe that you're giving me relationship advice." Um, Joey? Get in line. Dawson admits that "there are easier things in the world." The bell rings, and Dawson takes off; Joey stops him, but then says, "Nothing."

In creative writing class, Mr. Peterson calls the roll, winding up with "and of course, Mr. Witter." Pacey mumbles, "Here." Mr. Peterson makes a snide comment about "what a delight it is to have [Pacey] return." Pacey turns in the assignments due during his absence; Mr. Peterson returns Pacey's poetry assignment, on which he has -- shock of shocks -- given Pacey an F. Pacey objects, and Mr. Peterson says that "it stunk." Pacey very sarcastically asks if, as his teacher, Mr. Peterson doesn't have any counsel on how Pacey might improve his poem, and Mr. Peterson drawls, "Yes -- write better." Heh. Then Mr. Peterson has a little monologue in which he basically says that people with talent will get good grades in his class, and everyone else -- read: Pacey -- should "come to terms with [their] inevitable failure." Whatever.

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