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…That Is The Question (2)

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...That Is The Question (2)

Cafeteria. Pacey, complaining to Dawson about Mr. Peterson setting him up to fail and glowering across the room at Andie sitting alone. Andie, looking wounded. Dawson, telling Pacey to go talk to her. Pacey, saying that Andie could come talk to him. Dawson, drinking product-placed Dannon water and saying, "Go." Pacey, refusing. Sars, not caring because she knows Pacey and Andie will make up, because they always do. Elsewhere in the cafeteria: Joey, presenting Jack with a menu for a romantic dinner for two. Jack, acting pleased but probably wondering if he can bring The Flash as his date. Joey, hinting at the possibility of post-prandial sex. Jack, thanking her for her support. Joey, kissing Jack on the cheek. Back at Dawson and Pacey's table: Pacey and Andie, staring at each other. Andie, drinking product-placed Dannon water; Pacey, walking over to Andie's table and sitting down. Pacey and Andie exchange "Hi"s. Andie notes that Pacey hasn't called. Pacey observes that his phone has "an incoming line" -- not strictly true, since he'd bunkered down at Dawson's for the week, but whatever. Andie reminds him that he ditched her on the pier after calling her "weak and insensitive"; Pacey in turn points out that Andie "judged and abandoned" him when he needed her. Long story short, each expects the other to apologize, and neither does, so Andie slams her book closed and leaves the caf.

Jack follows Andie out, wanting to know what happened; Andie doesn't want to talk about it, and she has to go meet with Mr. Milo. Apparently, Mr. Milo called the house and wanted to talk to Mrs. McPhee, and Andie tried "covering" but finally he asked her to come in; as it turns out, he called Jack in as well, but Jack thought Mr. Milo wanted to give him more of his "good-guy counselor b.s." or some more "So You're Gay" pamphlets or whatever. Cut to Mr. Milo's office and a shot of fingers drumming on a desk. As Andie and Jack walk in, Andie exclaims, "Daddy!" and runs into the arms of The Great And Terrible McPhee. Mr. McPhee hugs Andie and glares over her shoulder at Jack, who stands in the doorway and glares back at Mr. McPhee.

Dear Surge Marketing Department, Dennis Miller, LL Cool J, and the lady with the older-than-35-looking hands: All of you, GET A JOB. Love, the rest of the world.

As Joey prepares for a romantic outdoor repast by packing up flatware and candles, her cordless phone rings. On the other end, Jack bails on their date, telling her that his dad showed up and wants to take him and Andie to dinner. Joey looks concerned: "Well, that's good, right?" Jack: "Yeah, hardly. Milo called him, told him everything that's been going on at school." Nobody thought to pick up a phone when Mrs. McPhee started wandering through grocery stores in a fugue state? Jack apologizes for having to "take a rain check," and Joey is obviously disappointed, but she downplays it and tells Jack not to worry about her, she'll find something to do. They hang up, and Joey sits down in front of the mirror, and she starts to take her hair down but then a thought occurs to her and she picks up the phone again.

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