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...That Is The Question (2)

Bring me the head of Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Back at the club, the portly chanteuse sings "Sunday Kind Of Love," thereby ruining one of my favorite songs, as Joey and Dawson dance. Dawson asks, "So are you having a good time?" Joey nods, "Actually, yeah. Thanks." Dawson tells her, "I'm sorry your plans didn't work out, but I'm really glad you're here. Jack is missing out." This seemed, believe it or not, sincere and well-meaning on Dawson's part, but Joey interprets it as a dig at Jack: "You think he's gay, don't you?" Dawson says he never said that, but Joey makes her patented "ucchh" sound, and Dawson admits that the thought has crossed his mind once or twice, but that Joey would know better than he does. Joey defensively agrees, "Yeah, I do." Dawson asks if Joey knows Jack as well as she knows Dawson, to which she says, "No, of course not, not yet. I -- I can't read his eyes the way I can yours." Dawson, who has thus far acted fairly un-self-centered, ruins it by asking, "So what are my eyes saying right now?" They look into each other's eyes, and Joey looks away and casts about for something to say, coming up with some tommyrot about how they say how comfortable the two of them feel there together "as friends." Dawson smiles and lets her off the hook by saying, "You're good." Joey rests her head on his shoulder.

Back at the table, Jen and Ty watch them dancing, and Ty says, "You know, I don't get it. They make such a great couple -- why would Joey want to be with a fruit fly?" Um, Ty? If you must use the term "fruit fly," at least use it correctly; it would refer to Joey, not to Jack, you dolt. Jen says, "Jack's no fruit fly," and Ty stirs his drink and answers, "Oh, come on, Jen, he's playing for the other team." Um, Ty? The expression goes "playing for his own team." Jen says he doesn't know that, and Ty informs her in a superior tone, "Look, if it looks like a duck, talks [sic] like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck." Jen more or less says "who cares," and Ty shrugs and says, "Well, it's his choice. I mean, if he wants to quack, more power to him." Jen softly says, "See, I don't think that it's necessarily a choice that you make," and at this point Ty clues her in on The Big Gay Conspiracy as she shakes her head in disbelief: "See, that's what they want you to believe, that it's not a choice, but everything in life is a decision, and all ducks choose to quack, and Jack's definitely a quacker." Jen and Sars say in unison, "Are you kidding me, or are you serious?" Ty says firmly that he's completely serious and that "nobody has to quack if they don't want to." Jen and Sars fix him with a look of naked disgust.

At McPhee Manor, Jack, still in a tie, lies on his bed and bounces a rubber ball off the wall. Andie knocks and comes in, and apologizes for Mr. McPhee's behavior, but Jack says he doesn't "expect any less." Andie says that their father "hasn't had it easy," a point that Jack rightly scoffs at, and Andie then says that things won't get better for them unless their father comes back to live with them. Jack sits up, saying, "Andie, come on," but Andie reminds him that they can't keep looking after their mother and dealing with everything else by themselves: "We're too young for this kind of responsibility." Jack tells her to get used to it because Mr. McPhee isn't going to stay, "and you're a fool if you think he is." Andie thinks that if they can just make him see that they need to stick together, he'll stay, but Jack asks, "Why? Why do we need to?" Andie: "Because he's our father." Jack, irritated: "Andie, we lost him when Tim died, and then Mom got sick and he bailed. So what makes you think things are gonna be any different now?" Andie doesn't understand Jack's attitude: "How do you expect him to accept you if that's the way you feel about him? If you continue to resist loving him, how's he ever going to love you back?" Jack doesn't know, and frankly he doesn't care. He tells Andie that she can spend her life begging for "the few meager scraps of approval" their father will give her, but Jack himself can't do that. Andie takes this as a slight, and says through gritted teeth, "I don't think that there is anything wrong with wanting my father to be proud of me." Jack says, "No, no, there isn't. But did you ever stop to wonder if you're proud of him?" Andie doesn't have an answer to that. Well-acted scene by both.

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