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…That Is The Question (2)

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...That Is The Question (2)

Dawson walks Joey home, which she says he didn't have to do; he says maybe he wanted to. Dawson: "How you doing?" Joey, quietly: "Okay, I guess." Dawson: "Blues club make you more blue?" Joey, even more quietly: "Yeah." Dawson asks if she wants to talk about it. I can't decide if he really wants to help or if, typically, he has an angle here, but either way, they head inside. Joey says something about "stupid" and Dawson remarks that he has a world of experience with stupidity. Um, well, word. Joey wants to ask Dawson something, "straightforward and honest," and when he tells her, "You know you can," she asks, "Um -- am I sexual?" Dawson, flabbergasted: "What?" Joey, sadly: "The thing is, um, I know that Jack's not gay, but he's obviously confused about something, and it's always kept him at a distance, and -- I was just wondering if he chose me because I, I'm safe." Bemused, Dawson repeats, "You're safe?" Joey says, "Look at me -- Joey Potter, virgin at large. I don't have any really experience with men or relationships or sex." Dawson says with great intensity, "Joey, you are extremely sexual," but Joey, on the point of tears, reminds him, "You didn't see it. You fell for Jen, sex machine, and I was something else to you." Dawson looks taken aback, and as Joey plays with her hair in distress, Dawson explains, "Joey, I was just stupid. It took me time to see what was there." Joey, expecting to hear something depressing: "So what was there?" Dawson says gently as he walks over to Joey, "There was an amazingly sexy girl. Joey, your sexuality is in everything you do -- your wit, your intelligence, your anger, your feistiness," and as Joey looks down awkwardly, he goes on, "I see it more and more every day. You're blossoming. That is amazingly sexy." Joey says, in a sort of it-would-mean-more-coming-from-someone-else tone, "Thanks, Dawson." Dawson doesn't think the real question is why Jack chose Joey, but rather why Joey chose Jack. Interesting point, but not one that I think Dawson has the right to make, really. Joey doesn't answer, and Dawson leaves Joey cringing in pain in the kitchen, probably from the seriously pukey dialogue. Good performances from the actors, though, especially in light of the icky-pants lines they had to deliver.

Capeside High. The principal. Pacey. The principal makes a snide comment about Pacey's tardy record; Pacey hands her a report he compiled declaring Mr. Peterson unfit to teach, based on the state by-laws for professional ethics for teachers. Pacey reads part of it. The principal seems skeptical. Pacey says that it contains testimony from other students, and that he sent copies to the school board, and that he wants Mr. Peterson "publicly reprimanded." The principal hopes Pacey knows what he's doing, and given Pacey's previous appearances before the school board, so do I. Pacey apologizes for going around her but he did what he had to do. Pacey takes off, and the principal purses her lips and goes inside. Whatever.

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