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That Was Then

Eventually the bell rings, and Dawson II comes up and introduces himself as "George." He'd like Dawson to watch his short film, all eighteen minutes of it. After some hemming and hawing, Dawson says that he would love to. "Hey, thanks, Mr. Leery," George says, and scampers off. "Please tell me he didn't just call me 'Mister,'" Dawson says to Mel Silver, commenting that George must be a handful. "Dawson, waiting six years for you to experience this was well worth it. Thanks again," Mel Silver says, and races off to the Beverly Hills Beach Club, where his son David is scheduled to perform his hit song, "(You Are So) Precious To Me." Dawson stands alone in the classroom and makes a face and stands silently under a poster which reads, "If it's not in the frame, it doesn't exist." So, what does that say about Jack's sex life?

Over at The House of Flip-Flops, Harley is doing homework in her room, her stereo blaring. Joey stomps in the room and turns off the music. She exposits that Flip-Flops is going to want to read this essay that Harley is working on when he gets home, and Harley better get right to work, because Joey expects to see an introductory paragraph in half an hour. With this directive, she leaves. Harley turns the music back on, and a floppy-haired boy falls out of the closet and onto her bed. They start making out. Naturally, Joey comes back inside to turn off the music and busts them. Harley stammers that "Patrick" is her "study partner." Also, clearly, the mini-Pacey to her mini-Joey.

Capeside General Hospital. Pacey walks into the lounge to see Doug watching an infomercial. He fetches them both coffee from the vending machine and sits next to his brother in silence. He offers that he got Pa Witter a private room. Doug, of course, has to make some crack about bribery. Pacey apologizes for snapping at him earlier. He explains that he was just upset, and he thanks Doug for taking care of the rest of the family during the day. "I was just on edge," he says. Doug comments that Pacey ought to try watching their father collapse. Pacey sighs and agrees that the entire thing is really scary. He spent so much time pushing Pa Witter's buttons, he says, that he forgot "there were real feelings under there." Doug just stares at him. Oh, Doug. Why are you being so tiresome?

Flip-Flops Estates. Joey marches Harley and Patrick into the living room and announces that they're going to work downstairs and in plain sight for the rest of night. Harley rolls her eyes. "Okay, Joey, I get it. Boy in room: bad. It's not like we were in our skivvies or anything," she whines. Patrick smarms that surely Joey had a lot of cute boys in her bedroom back when she was in high school. Joey just raises an eyebrow. "Look, Josephine, I didn't mean to cause any trouble," Patrick continues, saying that he doesn't want to hurt the "bond" she and Harley have. "I'm sure the three of us can work together," he finishes. Now it's Harley's turn to cock a skeptical brow as Joey sits down with her backpack and rolls her eyes. "Not the way you're thinking," she snarks, and takes a book out of her bag. Wait, didn't Flip-Flops say that there were no boys allowed in the house? Even if that's unrealistic (and I don't know that it is, considering that Flip-Flops isn't home and I am suddenly turning into my mother), shouldn't Joey abide by her employer's rules and ask Patrick to go home? Of course, that might get in the way of Harley and Patrick Teaching Joey A Valuable Lesson About Her Past. "Harley, I've clearly caused some stress here, and I respect the responsibility this woman's taken in your life," Patrick announces. Joey covers a smile and asks how old he thinks she is. "It's not old so much as wise, really," Patrick says. Harley shoots him an irritated look as he continues, saying that Joey "seems to be a timeless sort. Pained by the world, but more beautiful because of it." Joey nods very seriously. "That's very deep," she comments. "Unfortunately for you, I know your kind, and you're harmless," she continues, informing them that they're studying downstairs for the rest of the night.

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