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The Abby

Previously: Audrey suspected that Pacey was cheating on her; she then overheard Alex "No Amanda Woodward" Pearl talking to him about the time they kissed. So, after much squawking, Audrey and Pacey broke up. Later, Alex went all Mrs. Robinson on Pacey, only to leave before sealing the deal because sleeping with him would be "inappropriate." In other news, Pander and Dawson had issues.

Fade in on Worthington School For The Painfully Pointy-Hipped. Audrey runs down the hallway of her dormitory, screaming with laughter. She's carrying a water balloon in each hand, and is being chased by two dudes with Super-Soakers. Audrey skids into her room, where Joey is packing. The boys douse them both with water before Audrey manages to slam the door in a gale of giggles. Joey looks ruefully at her soaked t-shirt and sort of half grins. Her hair is all frizzy and not blown out, and I sort of like it. I mean, she's packing after finals, she should look frizzy. It's realistic. "Who knew that the losers we lived with were so cute?" Audrey asks, plopping down on her bed. Joey sighs that she knows Audrey is "single with a vengeance" but she -- Joey -- has too much packing to do to go hang out with the dorks next door. She's got to be ready to leave for Capeside at nine. Audrey whines that she wishes Joey was spending the summer in Los Angeles with her. Joey doesn't really offer an explanation as to why she isn't. I assume she has big plans in Capeside, including but not limited to: pining after Dawson, pretending she never dated Pacey, making Bessie's life a living hell, finding a cure for AIDS, saving several orphans from drowning in the creek, writing the Great American Novel, and fighting crime with the lethal combination of her pointy hip bones and a vast repertoire of Carpenters hits. Audrey pouts, then has a brainstorm: "How about I come to Capeside with you?" Just for a couple of days! Joey folds t-shirts and thinks before telling Audrey that she has to be "packed and stored by nine." Audrey yelps gleefully and embraces Joey. There is a knock at the door. The girls exchange glances, and Audrey hands Joey a water balloon. "Let's do it," she says. Joey nods. Audrey flings the door open and the girls attack…Professor Creepy. The end-of-the-year party is going full tilt behind him, by the way. Right over his shoulder, two girls are making out. There's your gay smack for the year, people! Audrey and Joey make a series of alternately amused and horrified faces. "Oh my God," Joey says. "Oops," Audrey offers. "Hi girls, how are you?" Creepy asks. "My mid-season replacement sitcom got canned and I have a mortgage to pay and kids to feed, so I'm back." Audrey beats a hasty retreat. Joey awkwardly waves Creepy inside.

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