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Boston College For People Who've Made The Study Of The Art Of Film-Making Their Lives! Their Lives! Dawson's cleaning out his locker and avoiding Pander (who's lurking nearby) when his cell phone rings. Pander eavesdrops as Dawson squeals into the phone and chirps that, no, he totally has no summer plans! He barely has friends! Pander practically falls over, he's listening so intently. He squeaks when he hears Dawson whisper that he has no idea what Pander's summer plans are, but that he'll find out. Dawson hangs up. Pander slides right into Dawson's eyeline and lifts his brows. "So?" he asks. "So, what?" Dawson retorts, before telling Pander that he was just having a private conversation. "I thought we weren't talking," he adds. "We're not," Pander tells him. Dawson gives him an "okay, then" look and goes back to ripping pictures of ET out of his locker. Pander looks at him plaintively and wonders why they're not talking, anyway. "Why would I want to talk to you after what you pulled in New York?" Dawson asks. Pander, by the way, is wearing six braided man-chokers. He must have completely depleted the stock over at Pacific Sunwear. "Because I have manly magnetism?" he offers. Hee. Dawson has no response. "My wit? My enormous talent?" Dawson conceals a little grin. Pander asks, rather nicely, what their agent said. Dawson points out that it's his agent, not Pander's. Pander accepts this and finally apologizes for being such a jackass in New York. He says he's working really hard on not freaking out. Pander turns to go. Dawson stops him, and tells him he might want to change his summer plans. "Really?" Pander asks, grinning. Dawson smiles at him. Oh, just do it already, you two!

Hey, good news! Jen isn't dead, although she's skinny as hell. She and Jack are sitting around the quad at Boston Bay College For People Who Never Go To Class, drinking frappuccinos and discussing their summer plans. They dismiss the idea of going to Fiji, and Jen sneers at the idea of Europe, because she refuses to stay at a youth hostel. Whatever, Princess. Jack rolls his eyes and sarcastically comments that he hears they have a nice Radisson in Cleveland. He tells her that they're "way too young to be getting lazy about their lives," and points out that Grams is having a more exciting time than either of them of late. And more power to her, I say. "As far as moving forward goes, this year has been a total wash for both of us," he says. And while it's a bit silly that Jack has so suddenly and miraculously rescued from both his Frat Rat Attitude and his Descent Into Attempted Suicide, it's so nice to have cheerful, likeable Jack back that I'm not even going to complain. Jen wrinkles her nose and comments that "this sounds suspiciously like summer camp, only long and much farther away." Ooh, poor baby! Someone is forcing you to take a months-long vacation! Just wait until you have to work for a living. Trust me, the idea of spending a month in Fiji will make you burst into tears of longing and despair. Finally, she tells Jack that if she "has to do this thing" -- like, you're welcome to wake up at seven every morning and sit at my desk every day for two months for me while I run around Paris with Jack, sweetheart -- "there's no one [she'd] rather do it with than [Jack]."

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