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The Abby

Worthington. Joey and Audrey are all packed up and stored away. Joey takes one last look through their room to make sure they've gotten everything. She hikes up her low-rider capris, leading me to think that, at the very least, she's forgotten to pack her body fat. She picks up the last box and looks around nostalgically, then turns off the lights and shuts the door. I have to say, that scene really rang true for me; the one last look at the depressingly empty dorm room, thinking about how quickly the year has passed, and remembering all the things that happened to you, all whilst feeling very much older and wiser. And then, the next year, you realize how young and stupid you were the year before. Good times.

Liberty Hell; people are cutting and chopping and slicing and dicing. Alex and her horsehair ponytail are hollering maniacally about how everyone is off schedule and they're falling behind and blah blah blah blah. The staff exchanges pained looks. One silly fool takes his life in his hands and attempts to assure her that they're "fine." Alex glares at him and stomps over to get right in his face. "You simple, simple little man," she hisses. "What kind of an imbecile do you have to be to imagine that by placating me, you'll make me hate you any less?" His mouth drops slightly open, and she stalks off. Heh. Next, there's some stupid business about one of the forks being dirty, which leads Alex to fire the dishwasher, which leads Pacey to put on his white knight outfit and inform Alex that firing Dishwasher "would be irredeemable" because Dishwasher has a four-year-old. Alex doesn't care. She stomps off-screen. Pacey pats the hapless Dishwasher kindly.

Cut to good old Capeside. Dawson's in the yard of Casa Leery, cleaning off something (a boat? I don't know) when Audrey and Joey stride up. "This place is gorgeous," Audrey says. Dawson thanks her mildly. "So, where is it?" Audrey asks. "The room. The scene for so much teen romance and angst?" Dawson gives her directions to his bedroom. "You can't miss it," he says. "Damn right I can't miss it," Audrey retorts, taking off across the lawn. Dawson smiles and goes back to buffing the boat. Joey hems and haws and finally asks if he can hang out with Audrey for a bit while she goes to visit her dad in the clink. She's been thinking about him since she got mugged, she says, and she's got some stuff to tell him. Also, she feels a song coming on. Dawson offers to go with her to the Big House if she needs some moral support. "I think this one I should do alone," Joey says. "Just feels right that way." Dawson nods, and wishes her good luck.

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