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Chung-chung over to the Potter B&B. And we have Bessie! No Bodie, though -- sorry. The Sisters Potter are talking about their deadbeat dad; Joey grousing, Bessie making excuses for him. "Don't be so quick to judge," Bessie counsels, advising Joey to give their father some time to come around. And then she runs away, because the producers can't afford to pay her for any more lines, having blown all of their cash on hair products for Chad Michael Murray. Audrey washes the dishes and suggests that maybe Jailhouse Joe hasn't contacted them because he's afraid of hurting them. Again. Joey sits at the breakfast bar and makes pained faces. "What if he hates me, Audrey?" she asks. "I mean, if somebody sent me to jail, I wouldn't exactly be excited to see them either." Not a bad point. Audrey walks over and gives Joey a sympathetic pat. "If anything, he's ashamed to face you," she says. Audrey tells Joey that her father "knows it's [Joey's] call" whether or not he's a presence in her life. Joey thinks about this, then tells Audrey that's she so glad to have her around. Audrey smiles and goes back to the dishes. "Did you have fun with Dawson?" Joey changes the subject. "The best!" Audrey chirps. "That boy is a gem! You know, he'd do anything for you, Joey." Joey sort of nods, then tells Audrey that the last time she visited her dad in the slammer, Dawson came with her. "It's like he knew I wanted him with me. Some other guy was there too, but I like to pretend my relationship with him never existed. Then there was that time that Dawson convinced me that it was a good idea to narc my dad out to the cops and get him sent back to jail. Those were good times." Audrey points out that nothing has changed -- as far as Dawson caring about her goes, not that he still wants to toss her family members into the Big House. "He drove all the way from New York to Florida to see you, like, three weeks ago for God's sake," she says. Joey looks perplexed. Audrey yelps and curses her big mouth. Joey is stunned. Katie Holmes pulls her dreamy "I love Dawson" look out of the vault and tries to put it on, but ends up landing somewhere between "I like cheese" and "my pants are uncomfortable."

Back in the "I Don't Care" section of the plot, Alex is driving around real fast. Pacey looks uncomfortable. Alex babbles about how her life is "over." Pacey looks uncomfortable. Alex thinks she will probably end up living in a box on the streets with cats nesting in her hair. Not even cats would nest in that hair, Alex. Pacey looks uncomfortable. Alex drives faster. Pacey looks uncomfortable. It all continues in this vein for far too long, and we go to commercial with Alex ranting about feeling "terrified and liberated and alive." She pumps the speed up to 65 whole miles an hour. Pacey? Yeah, uncomfortable.

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