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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

K-Mart and Garth Brooks -- no comment.

Joey knocks on the door of Dina's room as Dina sulks in bed. Dina: "What do you want?" Joey: "To hang out with the only sane individual here." Joey shares some home truths with Dina about growing up, kisses, and boys, i.e., to wit, and viz.: "Growing up sucks, not all kisses are magic, and most boys do not live up to your expectations." Thank you, Joey, for that depressingly accurate insight into the true nature of adolescence. But Joey also mentions the moments when everything falls into place sometimes, and gives Dina a reassuring hug.

Dawson, brooding on the porch. At a loss, he picks up Joey's book and starts reading it. Cut to the next morning, where Dawson has fallen asleep with the book on his chest and morning has dawned; he comes to, realizes what happened, and staggers indoors to wake the rest of the gang. Inside, Joey and her Wonder Bra have passed out on a couch, Andie has passed out on a couch, and Pacey has passed out on the pool table. Don't these people have parents? Okay, hello, number of times my parents would ever have allowed me to stay at a friend's house on a school night the night before a major exam: 0, 0, 0! Andie wakes up and starts freaking out really annoyingly as Pacey massages his leg and tells Andie to chill. Fade to the guest house, where Chris has gotten out of bed and started dressing; Jen "Pig In A Blanket" Lindley (tm owen) stretches and yawns. Did they have sex or not? I fear that they did. Chris bids Jen good morning without meeting her eye and says they should get downstairs. Jen fixes him with a smoldering look and tries to seem alluring in spite of a championship case of bedhead, and Chris kisses her quickly, although Jen clearly wants more, and says, "Thank you." Jen, as the camera pans over the bedside table and its so so too-much-information condom wrappers: "For what?" Chris, glibly: "For a very fun night." Notice the singular form of the word "night." Notice also that I haven't told Chris to shut up yet -- sorry about that. Shut up, Chris. Jen offers to get dressed and come down with him, but Chris hurriedly tells her to take her time, and he books on out of there. Jen closes her eyes in shame. Number of hours ago Grams must have changed the locks on Jen's wayward ass: 5.

Downstairs, Pacey takes charge of the studying process, introducing an "abbreviated version" of Andie's lesson plan. Andie, who has entered diet-pill withdrawal, tries to tweak out again; Pacey, beating me to the punch, basically tells her to shut up. But what the hell -- shut up, Andie. Pacey the "professional crammer" then quizzes the gang on points of literature in a keeeee-RAZY (and very John Hughes-esque) montage -- in the kitchen while making toast, in the backyard, on the stairs (where they try to remember the name of the race of giants in "Gulliver's Travels" and can't pronounce "Brobdingnagian," and either Wing or I referred to Dawson's head as "Brobdingnagian" in a recent Wrap, so Mr. Williamson, we'll wait for that check), by the pool, in the living room, Beowulf, Chaucer, the Bronte sisters, Hamlet, and I hope the writers don't forget to return that Norton Anthology to the library. [I would like to add here that I was answering all the questions they were asking, out loud, in my home, until Glark rightly mocked me, and congratulated me and my two degrees in English literature for being able to pass a grade eleven English test. Heh. I have problems. -- Wing Chun]

Then Pacey announces "one last group activity," and as the pseudo-ska of Save Ferris blares in the background to denote kooky fun, the whole gang jumps into the pool. In slo-mo. In Cape Cod. IN NOVEMBER. Dawson does a flip into the pool. Color me not very impressed. As Andie and Pacey clamber out of the pool, Andie compliments Pacey on the way he "took control in there." Pacey has on a soaking-wet wife-beater, and his body looks -- god help me -- pretty good. Andie wants to explain something to Pacey, and Pacey says they don't have to talk about it anymore, but Andie says she does have to. As "the queen of keeping dirty secrets," Andie understands why he didn't "jump forward with the information," and admits that the fact that he had "so much experience" sort of shocked her, and she says, "And I," but before she can say "don't," Pacey finishes for her, "Will." Andie calls Pacey a jerk and they start their non-sexual non-tension bickering as they go up the steps, and Pacey calls Andie "the girl that I love to hate," and Andie sweetly says, "I love to hate you too," and they start kissing. Aw. Or something.

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