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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

Dawson comes into the laundry room as Joey folds people's clothes. He asks if they can talk. Joey starts to object, then says, "Sure." As they go into the kitchen, Dawson asks her not to say anything until he finishes talking, because every time they've tried to talk, he's messed it up. He says that he's thought a lot lately about how much he wants to "take back" their first kiss, and how much he wishes he had just let her "climb through that window." Joey stares at him resentfully as he wonders aloud what would have happened if they hadn't kissed -- whether they might have stayed friends, whether "[Joey would] still have a thing for [him]." Conceited much? Anyway, every time Dawson wishes he could take back the kiss, then he thinks about "everything that kiss brought into [his] life." As Joey smiles sadly, Dawson describes "what it was like to look at you and know not just what you were thinking, but also what you were feeling, because I was feeling the same thing. And then it's all worth it. It's worth all the pain that I'm going through. I want to regret kissing you, Joey, but I can't. It was the smartest decision I ever made." It pains me to admit this, but James Van Der Beek actually did an okay job with this speech. Joey explains that she answered "twice" on that question because she fell in love with Dawson twice. Oh, barf -- why does Joey always backtrack when Dawson finds out something private about her? Couldn't she have said she fell in love with someone in eighth grade or something? Anyway, she explains that the fact that they broke up doesn't change her feelings for him -- she doubts herself, not him. Dawson promises to give her the space she wants, but that doesn't change the way he feels about her, because "nothing could change that." File this scene under "Dawson and Joey break up some more" (tm xix). As Dawson gets ready to leave, he spots Dina sleeping on a couch and kisses her tenderly on the forehead, and after he leaves the room, Dina grins. Gimme a SPEE! Gimme a YACK! What does it spell? SPEEYACK!

The gang piles into Chris's Suburban, which has a surfboard strapped to the top. As if. Jen sits in the front seat, and somehow her bedhead survived the morning swim. As if. They head to school, only to find that their teacher has again bagged on them and rescheduled the exam. Joey wonders what they should do now. Andie of course thinks they should go to their other classes, but Pacey once again overrides her with "one last group activity," and as I recall, the swim 'n' ska moment represented the last group activity, as did the purity test, but anyway, they all go out to the football field and take a nap on the school logo in the middle, instead of changing their clothes, or calling their parents, or getting shooed off after five minutes by a sadistic and bored phys ed teacher. Gimme an AS! Gimme an IF! What does it spell? AS IF! Well, at least I didn't have to tell Chris to shut up in this scene. But it probably couldn't hurt. Shut up, Chris.

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