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The All-Nighter

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The All-Nighter

Pacey and Andie at lunch. Pacey complains about the sub-standard cafeteria french fries; Andie takes a "purity test" in her product-placed Jane magazine and asks Pacey if he has ever participated in a menage a trois. Andie painstakingly explains the purity test to Pacey, who has apparently forgotten how heavily the purity-test plot device figures into this week's episode: "An assortment of sexual questions that, when totalled, are meant to gauge your level of sexual experience." Pacey wants to change the subject, but Andie says she knows "[his] history," and a worried Pacey says, "You do?" at which point Andie offers the theory that, like most boys his age, he has very little experience at all but wants everyone to think otherwise, and Pacey chooses to let her believe that. Andie downshifts into nagging mode and practically orders him to go to the study session, and Pacey doesn't want to bother, but eventually he gives in because he can sense that this scene has already gone on way too long.

Cut to Mental-Patient-Haircut Boy strolling down the track in a too-big tank top and a weird leather-cord choker with a charm that looks like a paper clip. MPHB, aka Chris, greets Jen as "Jen-a-lish-dee-lish" as she does her stretches. Shut up, Chris. Chris offers himself as her running partner because he knows "when to speed up -- when to slow down," and Jen adds, "When to leave someone alone?" Go, Jen. Shut up, Chris. Chris asks why Jen "isn't receptive to [his] wily charms," and Jen replies that he plies them on "any skirt within a six-mile radius," and Chris jokes that "actually, I have a car, so it's more like the tri-state area." Like, ha ha. Not. Jen smiles, but blows him off and keeps stretching out her newfound backbone. Number of single entendres (tm Wing) stolen from Abby for use during this scene: 1.

As Chris pimp-daddy-struts on by, Dawson -- thankfully attired in a modest t-shirt -- walks up to Jen and remarks, "The hawk circles." Jen says Chris "was just being 'cute' -- which he is." Jen needs to get out more. Dawson warns Jen about Chris's "love-'em-and-leave-'em rap sheet -- it's epic." Jen tells Big D to relax. Dawson says he's "just looking out," then asks her if she's going to the study session. Jen doesn't think so because she doesn't really feel like applying herself these days. Dawson says he plans to go and encourages Jen to come. Jen, seeing Chris chatting up some random blonde on the bleachers, says she'll consider it since Chris seems to have forgotten her existence. Number of extra laps any gym teacher on earth would have made these kids do for chit-chatting instead of running: 10.

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